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BakBalls can immediately relieve your back pain and stiffness. You can use BakBalls in your own home, take them to the office, or use in the car.
Pro Gyro With Docking Station Combo
Featured on the cover of Time Magazine as one of its top 10 digital devices, the DynaFlex Pro increases grip strength, range of motion, and conditions arm, elbow, and shoulder muscles.
Omni Power Roller
The Body Secrets massage roller is the perfect after the game or after workout tool. Rub out sore tense muscles with no effort at all. The Power Roller delivers a relaxing deep tissue massage and it can be used with or without lotions and oils
Sports Pro
The Dynaflex Sports Pro is used to improve your sports abilities by strengthening your wrists, biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders. The Pro also increases blood flow and flexibility which is ideal to prevent and rehabilitate sports injuries.