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FT1 Polar Heart Rate Monitors
This opening price point Heart Rate Monitor is designed for the Fitness consumers who want training guidance and for anyone who wants to improve their fitness and understands that heart rate monitoring can increase the level of success.
FT7 Male Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Clear training guidance is what you’ll receive from Polar's most popular Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) model, the FT7.
Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Transmitter
The Transmitter allows you to transmit Heart Rate to your Apple Iphone 4S or Android OS Smartphone. The apps allow you to work with the internal GPS to get speed, distance and Heart Rate through your Smartphone.
FT4 Male Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Designed for those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple. The FT4 shows when you're improving fitness based on your heart rate.