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Major Anthony Smith

Challenged Athletes Foundation - Featured Athlete

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You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
In 2004, just north of Baghdad, the 39th Infantry Brigade came under attack. Major Anthony Smith remembers dust flying and the sound of fire - then everything went black.

Anthony took a direct hit from a rocket-propelled grenade. The missile went through his hip and stomach before it exploded, throwing him against a brick wall. Shrapnel took his arm and the enemy fired several rounds at his maimed body.

Anthony was declared killed in action and placed in a body bag. But Anthony was a fighter, and after a nurse went to pull his dog tags, they saw he could be saved. After overcoming a 62 day coma, Anthony was able to recover, however he lost the vision in one eye, his right hip and his arm below the elbow.

In 2008, Anthony discovered the Challenged Athletes Foundation and their Operation Rebound program. When he learned that Operation Rebound provides support to help our injured troops and veterans get back into sports - he applied for a bike.
In just two years he went from using a wheel chair and crutches to completing many triathlons, two 620-mile CAF Million Dollar Challenge cycling rides, and becoming a black belt in Ta Kwon Do. In 2010, Anthony accomplished a lifelong dream and opened his own martial arts studio where he continues to use his natural leadership abilities to inspire others.

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