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Jamie Brown

Challenged Athletes Foundation - Featured Athlete

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Meet Jamie Brown
Like many little leaguers Jamie Brown dreamed of growing up to play high school and collegiate baseball. He lived to play the game and was a rising star on his team. And to his teammates Jamie was simply a pitcher, an athlete, a friend. But there was something different about Jamie - Jamie was an amputee.

Born missing his fibula in his right leg and three fingers on his right hand due to a congenital birth defect, at just 11 months Jamie had the surgery that would change the rest of his life. His parents decided to amputate his leg to give him the best change at living a normal and active life just like other young boys. Just two weeks after his surgery he was fit for his first prosthetic, and from that moment he was off and running.

A Natural Athlete
From a young age, Jamie's parents got him involved in as many sports and athletic events as possible to keep him from feeling different than other kids. So you name it, he's played it! While most kids grow up playing one or two sports, Jamie played roller hockey, soccer, football, basketball, skiing, and wakeboarding - but, by far, his favorite sport was baseball.

With much hard work and determination he was a two-time all-league player in arguably the strongest high school baseball league in the nation. He then earned a college scholarship and played at Chapman University. In 2001 Jamie even played in the College Baseball World Series.

The Road Blocks
After college Jamie discovered the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), an organization that helps athletes with physical disabilities so they can play the sports they love. Jamie attended the CAF San Diego Triathlon Challenge and fell in love with the sport of triathlon. But with this new sport he learned he needed new equipment like a running leg and cycling leg, expensive pieces of adaptive equipment his medical insurance wouldn't cover. But fortunately CAF was there to help.

Overcoming Obstacles To Succeed
The Challenged Athletes Foundation provided Jamie with a running leg and coaching at the CAF Dodge Paratriathlon Camp. And just last year he took first place at the USAT Paratriathlon Championship in New York City. This July Jamie will head back to defend his title in New York. While hard work and support from family and friends have helped Jamie in becoming the champion he is today, he wouldn't be at the starting line without his prosthetics and adaptive equipment and proper training to learn how to use it.

When you donate to CAF you help athletes like Jamie get the equipment and tools they need to succeed in sports. Watch this video of the CAF San Diego Triathlon Challenge and see how athletes like Jamie benefit from CAF.

More About The Challenged Athletes Foundation     |     Donate Now