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Women's Calico Sport Dual Sport Bike - Silver
700c larger diameter wheels make potholes inconsequential on this dual-sport commuter bike that's built tough for every day riding, on or off-road.
Trace Sport Dual Sport Bike - Blue
Women's Serene Deluxe Sport Comfort Bike (26" Wheels) – Purple
Reg: $549.99
Sale: $499.99
A good bike should be comfortable, practical, easy-to-ride and stylish, everything that this women's city bike possesses in spades.
Men's Wildwood Citi Classic Sport Comfort Bike (26" Wheels) – Silver
Sale: $289.99
There's only one bike that lets you get around town in style, comfort and practical elegance, and this men's sport comfort bike ticks off all the boxes.
Men's Wildwood Deluxe Sport Comfort Bike (26" Wheels) – Blue
Reg: $549.99
Sale: $499.99
Rain or shine, this athletic yet elegant men's sport comfort bike comes loaded with all the features you need to cruise around town in style.
Women's Calico Dual Sport Bike (700c Wheels) – White
Reg: $549.99
Sale: $499.99
From handlebar to cogset, this sport bike is built with precision and durability, giving you all the ingredients you need for the ride of your dreams.
Adult-Unisex Trace Dual Sport Bike (700c Wheels) – Grey
Reg: $549.99
Sale: $499.99
Rip through potholes like they don't even exist with this rough and ready sport bike, featuring a tough design for both on- and off-road biking.
Adult-Unisex Trace Comp Dual Sport Bike (700c Wheels) – Black
Reg: $699.99
Sale: $649.99
Designed for both rugged off-road trails and easy pavement pedaling, this sport bike is with you on every stroke.
Adult-Unisex Trace XT Dual Sport Bike (700c Wheels) – Grey
Reg: $1,199.99
Sale: $999.99
Whether you're looking for a smooth commute or tackling the toughest, most rugged dirt trails you can find, this sport bike can handle just about anything.
Women's Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike (700c Wheels) – Grey
Reg: $499.99
Sale: $449.99
Get the comfort of a mountain bike and the quick-trigger response of a road bike in this womens-specific hybrid bike.
Adult-Unisex Insight 1 Performance Hybrid Bike (700c Wheels) – White
Reg: $499.99
Sale: $449.99
When you need one bike to meet all your needs, turn to this performance hybrid bike for commuting, performance, exercise, or just traipsing around town.
Adult-Unisex Insight Disc Performance Hybrid Bike (700c Wheels) – Black
Reg: $749.99
Sale: $699.99
Blending the best of mountain and road biking, this hybrid bike appeals to trainers, commuters, exercisers and leisure riders.
Adult-Unisex Insight STI-1 Performance Hybrid Bike (700c Wheels) -  Grey
Reg: $429.99
Sale: $379.99
This bike offers the best of two agile designs: the comforts of a hybrid and the performance of a road bike.
Wildwood Sport Comfort Bike - Gray
Reg: $359.99
Sale: $269.95
Sporty comfort and elegant design sums up the Wildwood, with 26" wheels and all the plush features you need to get you out to ride on the sunny summer days.