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Adult-Unisex Podium Equipe Super Record EPS Road Bike (700c Wheels) -  Red
Reg: $10,499.99
Sale: $9,999.99
Using Diamondbacks AMMPSL Carbon technology and Campy Super Record components, this road bike pulls out all the stops to provide you with optimum speed and control. Lightweight and ready for anything the road throws at it, you'll love every ride.
Adult-Unisex Podium Equipe SRAM Road Bike (700c Wheels) -  Red
Reg: $7,999.99
Sale: $7,499.99
This high performance road bike pulls out all the stops when it comes to cutting-edge design and top-quality parts. Using the latest in carbon technology, its smooth speed and expert handling will leave the competition in the dust.
Adult-Unisex Podium Vitesse Campy Athena EPS Road Bike (700c Wheels) -  White
Reg: $6,499.99
Sale: $5,999.99
For a road bike that leads to the top of the podium, look no further than this high-performance machine. Every part was chosen to give you the speed and control you need to get the most out every ride.
Adult-Unisex Podium Vitesse Di2 Road Bike (700c Wheels) -  White
Reg: $4,999.99
Sale: $4,499.99
Everyone wants to be on the podium and this cutting-edge road bike can put you there. Its classic competition road fit, carbon frame and subcompact design help it blaze past the toughest competition.
Women's Airén 5 Carbon Di2 Road Bike (700c Wheels) – Black/Silver
Reg: $4,499.99
Sale: $3,999.99
With its slightly higher head tube design, you’ll suffer less strain on your back and neck when you take this women's road bike out on the trails, ride it to work and back, or go off on a full day of outdoor fun.
Adult Unisex Century 5 Carbon Di2 Road Bike -700c -  Carbon
Reg: $4,499.99
Sale: $3,999.99
Not every bike ride needs to be a race, and not every road bike needs to be a racing bike. For a comfortable, leisurely ride using cutting-edge parts and design, this road bike has got you covered.
Adult-Unisex Century 5 Carbon  Road Bike (700c Wheels) -  Carbon
Reg: $3,499.99
Sale: $2,999.99
The ultimate in comfort and performance, this state-of-the-art road bike goes anywhere you want to go with speed and control. Carbon design and cutting-edge parts make every ride safe, smooth and fun.
Adult Unisex Podium Etape Road Bike -700c -  Carbon
Reg: $2,499.99
Sale: $2,299.99
A road bike that will take you to your very limits and beyond, this performance-designed machine pulls out all the stops in its construction, so that you always end up at the top of the podium.
SST 2.3C Road Bike - Red
Compact gearing and smooth shifting from Shimano 105 components make cresting any hill a cinch. When you put quality components on a bike as stiff and responsive as the SST, you're sure to get crisp, clean handling and unprecedented power transfer.
Women's Airén 4 Carbon Road Bike (700c Wheels) – Black/Grey
Reg: $2,299.99
Sale: $1,999.99
The female rider who is serious about her ride wants a road bike specifically designed for her gender and this carbon women’s road bike fits the bill.
Adult-Unisex Century 4 Carbon Road Bike (700c Wheels) -  Blue
Reg: $2,299.99
Sale: $1,999.99
Leisure, meet performance. The high-tech design of this road bike creates a comfortable ride that doesn't skimp on speed, power and control when you need it the most.
Women's Supreme 2.3C Road Bike - Black
Shimano's 10-speed 105 shifting will have you gliding through challenging climbs, and expect all-day comfort with Oval Concepts handlebars, seatpost, stem, and compact cranks at the most important junctures: where your body meets the bike.
Altamira 2.5 Road Bike - White
With a BB86 bottom bracket, tapered head tube, and ETC chainstays, the Altamira 2.5 will turn the power you feed it into instant acceleration. The Shimano 105 drivetrain and Oval Concepts 327 wheelset deliver exceptional value and performance.
Podium 5 Road Bike - Black
Reg: $2,299.99
Sale: $1,724.95
Everyone wants to be on the Podium - and the Podium 5 is the way to get you there. Classic competition road fit, carbon frame, in a subcompact design… Boom!
Women's Airén 3 Carbon Road Bike (700c Wheels) – Black/Silver
Reg: $1,849.99
Sale: $1,649.99
Here’s a road bike that’s designed for the specific needs of female riders. Whatever your skill level, this bike has technical features to get you where you want to go in safety and comfort.
Adult-Unisex Century 3 Carbon Road Bike (700c Wheels) -  Silver
Reg: $1,849.99
Sale: $1,649.99
This cutting-edge road bike is for both racers and pleasure riders. Tube to Tube frame technology, Shimano shifters and a durably-forged DBR drop bar stem combine for an incredible ride every time.
Adult-Unisex Century Sport Disc Road Bike (700c Wheels) -  White
Reg: $1,699.99
Sale: $1,499.99
This road bike brings a lot to the table – speed, control and serious comfort. When you need to be on the road for extended periods without discomfort or fatigue, it’s definitely got you covered.
Roubaix 1.1C Road Bike - Gray
Whether you're racing or training, the Roubaix 1.1 can handle the longest days on the pavement. With a Shimano Ultegra/105 drivetrain that's built to last, and we chose Oval Concepts components that will be there with you to the end.
Adult-Unisex Century Disc Road Bike (700c Wheels) – Red
Reg: $1,299.99
Sale: $1,099.99
For efficiency and endurance that matches your own riding skills, this bike handles the road and your ride in pro style, whether you’re taking a leisurely spin or tackling a serious long-distance run.
Sportif 1.3C Road Bike - White
Whether you're trekking through the countryside or tackling a century charity ride, the Sportif 1.3 will be your best accessory.
Women's Airén 2 Road Bike (700c Wheels) – White/Green
Reg: $1,199.99
Sale: $999.99
This lightweight women's road bike is a sub-compact geometry design that's built specifically for today's women riders.
Adult-Unisex Century 2 Road Bike (700c Wheels) -  Blue
Reg: $1,199.99
Sale: $999.99
This quality road bike is perfect for a great ride, but maybe not a race. Michelin tires, Carbon technology and more cutting-edge features provide smooth control and serious speed when you want it.
Women's Finest 1.1C Road Bike - Black
The lightweight yet durable aluminum frame of the Finest 1.1, featuring Shimano's Tiagra components and Fuji's women's-specific geometry, provides top-notch performance in a perfectly-fitted package.
Feather CX 1.3D Cyclecross Bike - Gray
For adventure riders, commuters, and gravel grinders the Shimano Claris-equipped Feather CX 1.3 can handle any terrain you thrown under it with disc brakes and stable cyclocross-inspired geometry.
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