Anton UFOria-XA Active Suspension Skis

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The world's first and only Active Suspension Ski takes any ability skier to another level. The UFOria XA Anton Ski makes carving effortless and skiers report less fatigue on the knees and body. In addition, independent front and rear progressive flex adjusters give the UFOria XA Anton Ski multiple personalities.  
Anton Active Suspension Ski - UFOria XA Anton Ski
Anton UFOria-XA Active Suspension Skis are available online and at the following Sport Chalet Stores: La Canada & Huntington Beach
A Totally New Experience On The Snow
The world's first and only Active Suspension Ski takes any ability skier to another level. The patented Anton Active Suspension Technology maintains a constant force on the tip and tail of the ski that keeps the entire length of the ski in solid contact with the snow. For the expert, this provides instant response and virtually eliminates chatter. For the intermediate skier, this is an incredibly forgiving ski that creates confidence and automatically corrects for imbalances. The independently adjustable fore/aft flex system allows the ski to be dialed from a supple cruiser to a stiff virtual racer. The rave reviews agree that the UFOria XA Anton Ski provides a truly unique experience.
Feel The UFOria
Anton Active Suspension Skis Features and Benefits
Rebound damping system
Together with the Pressure Systems, Virtually Eliminates Chatter and Vibration
Direct Torsion Connection
Connect the ski boot directly to the tip and tail for instant response and feedback
Tip pressure system
High Compliance Design maintains consistent tip pressure for uncanny stability and control
Dual flex adjusters
Dial from a supple cruiser to a stiff GS Racer - Tip and Tail adjust independently
How It Works
The basic design of the traditional ski dates back over a thousand years and depends on soft natural snow or powder that compresses under the ski to provide the tip-to-tail contact and pressure that is critical for stability and control.

A dramatic transition on ski slopes began in the 1950's with grooming and now all groomed recreational ski slopes and race courses no longer have the vital soft snow or powder that compresses and conforms to the base of the ski. Thus the critical pressure and contact at the tip and tail is continually lost, and with it, stability and control. The snow changed dramatically but the ski didn't.

If the snow can no longer conform to the ski, then the ski must continually conform to the snow for stability and control to be regained and maintained. Enter the Anton Active Suspension: The world's first ski that continually conforms to the snow. The Anton Active Suspension acts like Virtual Powder™ - a consistent feeling with the snow from tip to tail.
Features of the UFOria XA:
Custom Active Suspension
- with DTC (Direct Torsion Connection) and RDS (Rebound Damping System) - The primary tip and tail composite suspension springs and the secondary dual forward and rear progressive flex springs can be custom configured to a skier's ability, style and weight. In addition, for future flexibility, these custom suspension components can be easily changed for fine-tuning of skiing characteristics.
- Premium construction, wood core, wrap-around edges, proprietary flex and profile specific to the Anton Active Suspension
- 162 cm, Sidecut:127 - 78 - 116mm, Turn Radius: 11.2 M. NOTE: The Anton Active Suspension gives the UFOria the feel and stability of a 175-180cm non- suspension ski
- Standard UFOria features the premium Rossignol Axium binding.
Special Lightweight Chassis
- The special UFOria XA chassis incorporates a slightly more aggressive suspension geometry and goes through an extra operation where a unique oval pattern is individually machined into the aircraft alloy to create an even lighter weight part as well as to accommodate the Dual Flex Adjuster mechanism. This process also results in a unique aerospace aesthetic.
Dual Flex Adjusters
- While the front and rear Progressive Flex Springs in the chassis of the standard model UFOria are interchangeable and can be optimized for a wide range of performance characteristics, the UFOria XA features unique Dual Flex Adjusters that can be easily dialed to dramatically change the performance characteristics of the UFOria from a supple, relaxed cruiser to a stiff high-performance GS racer and everything in-between.
Vist Premium Binding
- The UFOria XA includes a special ultra lightweight Vist performance binding that in combination with the special XA chassis, provides an extra wide range of forward/aft placement that allow skiers to easily fine tune fore/aft boot position to personal preference
Product Info:
$2,490  ( Buy Now )
Store Availability
The UFOria XA Anton Ski is available at the following Sport Chalet stores:
  • La Canada
  • Huntington Beach
What The Experts Say:
"Truly adjustable and unique. The west coast corduroy runs have never been so smooth."
"These skis will take an intermediate skier and launches their ability level towards being an expert. These skis will let you know what it is like to carve at an expert level with little effort."
Dave K.  Sport Chalet Winter Gear Expert
"Every edging movement of the ski boot is translated immediately to the ski tip, making the Anton Gliders incredibly responsive."
"The Gliders can also be a way of creating a new breakthrough for skiers who have been cruising around on the "intermediate plateau" for years. You do get what you pay for; in this case, radical technology, which totally changes the way in which skis perform."
Martin Bell  4-Time Olympian Ski Racer
"I have been waiting to see the next technological breakthrough in skiing since the parabolic/shape ski. This is it!"
"The Anton Active Suspension System is so revolutionary that it is going to make us rethink how a typical ski is designed and how it performs. The system is very forgiving, yet dynamic in performance, allowing beginner to advanced skiers to benefit immensely from this technology."
Wayne Wong  World Champion Freestyle Skier
Wayne Wong on Anton Skis:
The former World Champion Freestyle Skier rips on the Antons and discusses his experience with the inventor.
The Science Behind the Anton Active Suspension Skis
Inventor Anton Wilson demos the science behind the
Anton Active Suspension Skis.
Watch Part II and Part III of Anton's demo.


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