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The Brooks PureProject is a collection of running shoes dedicated runners with a sense of adventure and a craving to grab their run by the horns. Radically lightweight, flexible materials merge with smart design to naturally align your stride and empower every push-off. Unleash your feet and experience the PureProject by Brooks.
Brooks PureProject Collection featuring PureConnect, PureGrit, PureCadence, PureFlow
The Brooks PureProject collection is available online and at Sport Chalet Stores.
The PureProject Collection
Brooks PureConnect
The lightest and most flexible shoe in the PureProject line, the PureConnect puts as little as necessary between the runner and road.
Brooks PureConnect
    What's unique to this shoe?
  • Most minimal Nav Band for light support
  • Toe Flex grooves extend through forefoot
  • Most flexible underfoot
  • Open mesh upper for maximum airflow

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(Available in Men's/Women's)

Brooks PureFlow
The PureFlow is perfect For runners who want to connect with the run without losing the comfort of dynamic cushioning.
Brooks PureFlow
    What's unique to this shoe?
  • Broad Nav Band lasted into shoe for ef ficient arch support
  • Wide Toe Flex groove
  • Well-cushioned
  • No-sew overlays on modern air mesh

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(Available in Men's/Women's)

Brooks PureCadence
The PureCadence is ideal for runners who need more supportive features can still experience the feel of a more natural stride.
Brooks PureCadence
    What's unique to this shoe?
  • Nav Band locks into midsole
  • More grounded Toe Flex
  • Reinforced heel counter secures heel
  • Medial pod works with center strike pod for balance
  • Internal PDRB (Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar)

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Brooks PureGrit
Trail runners will love the hug-your-foot upper, slim midsole, and pliable yet protective outsole of the PureGrit.
Brooks PureGrit
    What's unique to this shoe?
  • One-piece outsole with intuitive lug pattern
  • Concave outsole splays out with pressure
  • Wide base for stable platform
  • Upper foam conforms to foot

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Meet The Collection - Video
The PureProject by Brooks: a new collection of radically lightweight, flexible shoes designed for runners who want to take charge on the run.

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PureProject Technology
Toe Flex - A toe box split allows the big toe to function independently and engage the runner's natural balance. Flexible materials empower a more efficient push off during the propulsion phase. The PureProject shoes are approximately 25 - 30% more flexible when compared to a standard running shoe.
Nav Band - This flexible band wraps over the instep to comfortably secure the foot in place. The dynamic stretch provides just the right amount of reinforcement and conforms to individual foot shape and size. All runners have some degree of arch collapse while they run. The Nav Band provides a snug, comfortable fit and lets the foot move naturally.
Anatomical Last - Designed from an anatomical form, the shoe's shape contours the foot for a glove-like feel and provides support for every part of the foot. This new last gets down to basics and minimizes the use of material to enhance the feel of the run. Matching the runner's anatomy will provide a more natural and comfortable fit.
Ideal Heel - Brooks' signature inverted heel promotes a natural foot strike by landing in a more forward position on the foot. This aligns the runner's center of gravity and encourages optimal energy return. The PureProject shoes provide assurance similar to that of Brooks Neutral and Guidance shoes, and are more stable than its primary competitors.
Tuned Density Midsoles - Brooks tuned the density in the midsoles to better correspond with gender and weight categories, delivering a custom balance of cushioning that's not too soft or stiff. BioMoGo DNA - BioMoGo, our earth-friendly midsole technology, is blended with Brooks patent-pending DNA smart cushioning to create a springy return and custom comfort. This also reduces the use of energy and amount of waste by removing drop-ins. Testing in a lab, the cushioning and loading rate of the PureProject shoes were 5-10% greater then a standard running shoe. This is an ideal scenario, a low profile shoe that provides better cushioning and comfort than a standard running shoe.
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