Rocky Mountain Altitude 10 Mountain Bike

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Rocky Mountain Bikes has been making some of the world's finest bikes since 1981. When you get on a Rocky Mountain Mountain Bike and take it for a spin you'll realize they practice what they preach. The Rocky Mountain Altitude 10 Mountain Bike is the first in its category with straigh-up geometry and patented SmoothLink suspension system.
Rocky Mountain Altitude 10 Mountain Bike
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Rocky Mountain Altitude 10
Mountain Bike:
First in its Category with Straight-Up Geometry and Patented SmoothLink Suspension System.

Rocky Mountain Altitude Mountain and Trail Bike
Ride up, ride down, ride up, ride down, ride all day long. With its first in its category Straight-Up geometry and patented SmoothLink suspension system, Altitude is a super efficient climber and a wicked descender. Put this bike in your quiver and you might find it's the only one you ever pull out to ride.

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Rocky Mountain Altitude 10
Bike Technology:
The heart of a bike is its frame. The geometry, the material, the feel, and the way it reacts under the rider are the very essence of the ride. That's why Rocky Mountain introduced FORM™ - the design and manufacturing process of their high-performance frame tubing. Their philosophy behind FORM™ tubing is to push the limits of tube and frame design to create the frame's unique riding feel.
  • Engineered Ride Quality: FORM™ tubing is a line of high-performance tubes designed to elevate the superior ride quality for which Rocky Mountain Bicycles are known. Innovative design: With 25 years of innovation, Rocky Mountain continue to push the boundaries of bicycle design. FORM™ tubing is the exciting new frontier of their creativity.
  • Attention To Detail: Every detail in a FORM™ tube set is carefully engineered and has a purpose: from the slightest variations in shape, to wall thickness, tapers, flares and bends.
  • Uncompromised Quality: FORM™ tube sets are manufactured with premium materials and delivered by the best suppliers in the industry to meet Rocky Mountain's strict requirements.
Straight-Up Geometry
Rocky Mountain has got your back. With a first of its kind 76-degree seat angle, you're in a position to defy gravity at every technical uphill climb. The Straight-Up Geometry and its bio-mechanically correct seat position allows for maximum horsepower. Not only will you get an efficient ride, it'll save your lower back and limits pressure on your "sensitive areas"... if you catch our drift.
SmoothLink Suspension
Rocky Mountain's groundbreaking SmoothLink suspension features minimal pedal feedback so you get a smoother pedal stroke, especially on uphill climbs. How does it work? By placing the rear pivot above the rear hub axle to keep the average chain torque line parallel to lower link (the line between main pivot and rear pivot), they eliminate pedal bob.

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Sport Chalet Bike Services:
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Sport Chalet Bike Specialty Services are available at all Sport Chalet Stores. This includes complete bike tune-ups, services, and repairs.
FREE 60-Day Bike Inspection/Adjustment Bike Guarantee (applies only to bikes purchases from Sport Chalet)
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Rocky Mountain Philosophy:

Bikes For People Who Love To Ride

Rocky Mountain builds bikes for people who love to ride. It's the core of what they do. We know that there are a million different types of riders out there. People who love long, epic rides; people who love sessioning the jump park; people who love cross-country racing, and those who just love it all. The combinations are endless, and so are the possibilities.

As a bike company, Rocky Mountain makes it their mission to create a high-grade quiver of bikes that meets the needs of the myriad of off-road cyclists out there. To do this they pay particular attention to innovation, quality, and detail. Bikes for people who love to ride designed and built by people who love to ride. That's the secret: Letting the passion of riding create beautiful, strong, high performance bikes.

When you get on a Rocky Mountain and take it for a spin you'll realize they practice what they preach. Building bikes for all types of riders which meet their standards is why they've developed four independent, purpose-built full suspension systems. It's why their R&D facility is located right beside their factory. It's why they're not a mass production operation. They've hand build their bicycles and all of their wheels. They also invest heavily in quality control and high construction standards. It's why they offer everything from steel hardtails to 9-inch suspension downhill rigs. And, it's why they use name brand quality tubing and name brand components to build their bikes.

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Rocky Mountain Factory:

All Rocky Mountain bikes are first prototyped in their Vancouver B.C. location. From the original concept meeting, to 3D models, to their master framebuilders cutting the tubes and cnc'ing the parts, the entire process takes place under one roof.
Having the ability to turn ideas into reality in a matter of days significantly speeds up product development, because their never at the mercy of a vendor's lead time - they can do everything themselves in-house. It's important to know every tiny detail about the bikes they make, and without building them first for themselves, they couldn't.
Not only does Rocky Mountain have a large engineering department, but theirs is staffed with experienced senior engineers and designers who all RIDE. They know what matters both on the computer and on the trail.

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