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Climbing Ropes

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Mammut Eternity 9.8 Classic + rope bag package
This rope offers balanced properties with regard to low weight, perfect handling and sustained durability. It is perfectly suited as an all-round rope. Includes Ophir Rope Bag.
Sterling Rope Co., Inc. 9mm HTP Static Blue x 200' (61M)
100% polyester static kernmantle construction that is lightweight and offers super low-elongation. Hydorphobic, making it a great choice for working or playing around water. Ideal for lightweight fixing, anchors and taglines.
BlueWater 11.6MM  Assaultline – Black
Low stretch, low profile static ASSAULTLINE is made with the tried and true Bluewater II Plus construction and features a hard wearing double twist cabled polyester outer sheath and cabled nylon core.
Sterling Rope Co., Inc. Evolution Velocity Sharma x 60M Climbing Rope
The Evolution Velocity 9.8 is the go-to rope for Chris Sharma when working routes. Now available in a limited edition Sharma Signature custom pattern designed by Chris. The Velocity is our best selling do it all rope in the sub 10mm size range.
Sterling Rope Co., Inc. Evolution Kosmos Promo VR10 x 60M Climbing Rope
At 10.2mm the Kosmos is a midsized, all-purpose rope with just the right hand for effortless clips. The Kosmos offers low impact force and, as with all of our ropes, our DryCore.
Sterling Rope Co., Inc. Evolution Velocity Blue x 70M Climbing Rope
This 9.8mm rope has it all and is our most popular of the Evolution series. Just the right amount of stiffness, so your rope doesn't flop during critical clips and its silky smooth sheath withstands abrasion and slides effortlessly to reduce drag.
Mammut 10.0 Galaxy Classic Rope - Fire
This classic single rope offers excellent value for money. The rope’s outstanding Made in Switzerland Mammut quality is clearly apparent on artificial walls in climbing gyms or on natural rock.
Mammut 9.8 Transformer Rope
Reg: $199.95
Sale: $149.93
This rope is made from transfer yarns, high-quality left over yarns which are usually disposed of unused due to their color variations.
Mammut 10.2 Gravity Classic Rope - Royal
With a diameter of 10.2 mm, this rope offers considerable safety reserves and a high number of standardized falls at an attractive price. It is the ideal choice for long training sessions in climbing gyms or work-out sessions on natural rock
Mammut 9.5 Infinity Classic Rope - Green
Sport climbing rope with a small diameter and correspondingly light weight. This rope features the expected Mammut quality at an attractive price, for flexible handling and top performance in the climbing gym or on natural rock
Metolius Climbing Speedster Rope Bag


New 2-Strap Metolius designed rope bag.
Anneau Sling
Reg: $7.95
Sale: $7.95
60cm Nylon sling
Anneau Sling
Reg: $10.95
Sale: $10.95
120cm Nylon sling
Advanced Base Camp/ABC 1 Sling: 48Climb
Assorted Colors. Strength: 22kN. Width: 25.4mm 1
Mammut Tubular Sling 16.0 - Red
The durable and long-lived classics in the Mammut collection. Long proven technology geared for the latest application requirements.
Metolius Climbing Prusik Cord Set
Pre-knotted and packaged Prusik Cord Set.
Metolius Climbing 18Mm X 46 Nylon Open Sling
18mm X 46 Nylon Open Sling
Metolius Climbing 18Mm X 22 Nylon Open Sling
18mm X 22 Nylon Open Sling
Metolius Climbing 13mm Dyneema Open Sling 120cm
Monster Open Loop Sling
Metolius Climbing 11mm Dyneema Open Sling 120cm
11mm Monster Sling from Metolius
Metolius Climbing 11mm Dyneema Open Sling 60cm
11mm Monster Sling from Metolius
Padded Gear Sling
Its fleece lining adds a soft touch of comfort for heavy racking loads.
Metolius Climbing Ultimate Daisy Chain
Ultimate Daisy Chain rated to 22kN
Metolius Climbing Personal Anchor 22 kN
The Metolius Personal Anchor System is now stronger and more versatile.
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