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Ski Accessories

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Dakine Afterburner Paste Wax, 2 Oz.
Wipe on- rub off- go ride- FAST
Dakine High Octane Rub On Wax, 2 Oz.
Easy to use rub on wax keeps your board gliding on the snow like a hot knife through butter!
Dakine Metal Scrapper
For Ptex removal after a base repair
Thermo Pad
Reg: $7.99
Sale: $5.95
Polishing block for finishing waxed bases.
All-in-one Wax
This universal hot wax can be used for all types of snow and temperatures.
Wintersteiger Ski Brake Retainers
Very durable brake retainer
Wintersteiger Ski Vise Hobby Version
Sturdy, easy to use aluminum vise for tuning skis
Wintersteiger Rub-On HC Wax 60g
Best all temperature wax
Wintersteiger Snowboard Stopper Vise
Sturdy, aluminum vise for snowboards
Supertune Base Cleaner, 4 Oz.
Clean the base of your board and allow the wax to soak in properly for best performance.
Dakine Quick Tune Kit
This kit includes key items to keep your board tuned.
Dakine Deluxe Tune-Up Kit
Gives you all the essentials to keep your board tuned and ready for the next shred session.
Wintersteiger P-TEK Clear 3-Pak
High quality P-tex candles fro repairing damaged bases
Wintersteiger 8 Mill Bastard File
High quality, long lasting files
Wintersteiger Soft Red Gummi Stone
Soft gummi stone for polishing and deburring edges
Wintersteiger Nylon Wax Brush
Nylon wax brush for perfect wax texturing
Wintersteiger Pocket Stone
Hard stone to remove burrs from edges, and to polish edge
Wintersteiger High Performance Wax Iron
High quality wax iron for skis and snowboards
Heatmax HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmer - 10 Pack
Single use air-activated heat packs.
Heatmax HotHands Adhesive Body Warmer - 8 Pack
Single use air-activated adhesive heat packs.
Heatmax HotHands Disney Hand & Pocket Warmer
Warmers that are ideal for little hands that need warmth.
Nite Ize Gear Tie 32
The big kahuna of our Gear Tie family, the Nite Ize 32" Gear Tie is serious about organization, in a fun kind of way.
Wax Cork
Natural Cork/Wax Distributor