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Kid's Vario XS Speedlock Trekking Pole Pair
External Lever Lock Adjustable Trekking Pole Pair for Kids
Super Micro Single Staff
Twist Lock Adjustable Mini Travel Cane
Wanderfreund Antishock Single Staff
Twist Lock Adjustable Antishock Cane
Corklite Adjustable Trekking Pole Pair
Corklite 3-Section SpeedLock adjustable ultralight trekking pole pair. The Flagship LEKI pair for the serious hiker.
Micro Vario Carbon Adjustable Trekking Pole Pair
LEKI's Ultimate 5-Section 100% High Modulus Carbon SpeedLock-Adjustable folding trekking pole pair.
Men's Cristallo Trekking Pole Pair
An excellent price point option for men, this trekking pair includes the super durable Aergon soft rubber grips.
Women's Jannu Trekking Pole Pair
A tough yet affordable trekking pole pair for the female hiker with the super durable Aergon soft rubber grips.
Women's Lhasa Lite Trekking Pole Pair
This Trekking Pole pair is a proven winner with the Ladies, like the Corklite but with slightly shorter shafts for perfect sizing and reduced weight for the female hiker.
Quantum Pair Trekking Poles
LEKI's most affordable trekking pair with SpeedLock, the strongest external lever-lock on the market.
Shasta Pair Trekking Poles
Super Strong Aluminum shafts place this pair among LEKI's workhorse of trekking poles.
Eagle Pair Trekking Poles
LEKI's most affordable trekking pole pair.
Triumph Travel Spinning Rod
Triumph Travel Rod 5'6", ultra-lite power, fast action, 4pc with padded nylon soft case.
 Mountainsmith's Nomad trekking pole come equipped with comfortable cork grips, anti-shock absorption system, rubber boot tips as well as carbide tips that provide exceptional traction
Trekker FX
Our Trekker FX adjustable hiking pole does double duty as a lightweight camera mono-pod for perfect set-ups in the backcountry... or the backyard.
Women's Lhasa Lite SpeedLock Trekking Pole Pair
Reg: $139.95
Sale: $104.95
This model is LEKI's SpeedLock pair for Ladies. Just like the Men's Corklite pair only the shafts lengths are shorter to help reduce the weight.
Corklite SpeedLock Trekking Pole Pair
The Corklite is LEKI's original light and fast Ultralite pair with the SpeedLock External Lock System. It also has AERGON Cor-Tec Grips.
Women's Jannu SpeedLock Trekking Pole Pair
Reg: $119.95
Sale: $89.95
This trekking pair is LEKI's lower price point SpeedLock model for Women. Just like an Ultralite pair only the shafts are shorter. This helps to reduce the weight.
Sierra Antishock Single Staff with Camera Mount
A favorite among single staff hikers. The Mono-pod feature is a hit with photographers too.
Sherlite Staff
Tracks light single hiking staff with Binocular & Camera Mount
Rubber Tips Pair
The best rubber tip replacement for LEKI's Travel Series single staffs.
Performance Trekking Pole Baskets Pair
This part is the replacement for LEKI's Trekking baskets found on all LEKI Trekking pairs sold.
Replacement Carbide Flex Tips Pair
This Universal Carbide Flextip is the replacement tip for all LEKI Trekking pairs, all single staffs and all Nordic Walking pairs.