Underwater Photography

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Sea Dragon 2000 PV Light (Grip, SingleTray-No Arm)
For a constant, ultra-bright source of light for photos and videos or just to brighten your dive.
DC1400 Underwater Camera
SeaLife's new 14-megapixel camera combines diver-friendly design and six underwater color modes for sharp, colorful photos and HD video - underwater or on land.
Sea Dragon 1200 PV Light (Grip, Single Tray-No Arm)
The perfect setup for ultra compact cameras.
Sea Dragon Flash (Head, Grip, Single Tray, Diffuser - No Flex Arm)
This powerful and compact flash makes it simple to add light to your images down to 200 feet/60 meters.
Digital Pro Flash (SL961)
The powerful SeaLife Digital Pro Flash provides the necessary light to bring out brilliant color in your underwater photos.
Photo/Video Light
Perfect for videos, close up photos, and night dives, the SeaLife Photo/Video Light is a revolution in underwater lighting. The powerful, 500-lumen LED underwater light adds depth and color balance to your images in any underwater environment.
Fisheye Wide Lens (SL975)
The SeaLife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens will increase the field of view by 80% over the already wide 26mm lens of the DC1400 underwater camera.
IC-14 Digital Camera
IC-14 digital camera with Waterproof Housing.
ReefMater (SL332) Dive Camera
The ReefMaster was designed specifically as a self-contained underwater dive camera.
Pro Housing for iPhone® 5 - Gray
This durable underwater housing for your iPhone® is a quality addition to your performance diving gear.
ISS 4000 Strobe & Diffuser
Reg: $199.99
Sale: $154.96
Waterproof Strobe Head with 4 preflash settings allows the ISS4000 to work with virtually all cameras.
Sea Dragon Mini 600 UW Photo-Video-Dive Light
Designed for multiple applications down to 300 feet/100 meters.
Wide-angle Lens
Capture a beautiful panorama of the undersea world with this performance wide-angle lens.
Wide Angle Lens
With the 24mm SeaLife Wide Angle Lens, you can stay within the shooting range of your flash and still fit everything in your underwater photos.
Housing for iPhone® 5 - White
Take your trusty iPhone® with you on your underwater adventures thanks to this rugged water-proof housing.
Housing for iPhone® 5 - Yellow
Take your trusty iPhone® with you on your underwater adventures thanks to this rugged water-proof housing.
Housing for iPhone® 4/4S - Yellow
Take your trusty iPhone® with you on your underwater adventures thanks to this rugged water-proof housing.
Mini Wide Angle Lens
Get close to your subject and still fit everything in the shot with the SeaLife Mini Wide Angle Lens, compatible with the SeaLife ReefMaster, Mini II, and ECOshot underwater cameras.
AquaPod Underwater Monopod (SL913)
The SeaLife AquaPod allows for close up underwater photos and videos while maintaining a comfortable distance between you and your subject. It's ideal for exciting shark images and video, as well as easily frightened ocean species.
Base Tray Double Handled Camera & Lighting Mount
Reg: $99.99
Sale: $64.96
This dual handled system allows for an underwater camera to be mounted via a standard tripod mount. The universal lighting mounts allow for two additional lighting apparatus to be connected as well. Desigend to accommodate most underwater housings.
Pro Duo Case
The soft SeaLife Pro Duo Case is designed to carry and protect your SeaLife underwater camera with two flashes or two video lights, or one of each. There's also added space for accessories and a removable zippered compartment is included.
Pro Case
The SeaLife Soft Pro Case is ideal for protecting one SeaLife underwater camera, one flash, and accessories.
DC1400 Charging Kit
Keep a spare battery charged and ready to use for your SeaLife DC1400 or DC1200 underwater camera. Charger kit includes Spare Battery (Li-Ion, 3.7V, 700mAh), Charging Tray & AC Adapter (110-240V, North American AC plug).
Bouyancy Control Weight
The 13-ounce, rubber-armored Buoyancy Control Weight reduces positive buoyancy of SeaLife underwater cameras and flashes allowing for easy, balanced underwater handling.
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