Dive Lights

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Designed for maximum efficiency, the water cooled dual LED module delivers over 5 watts power. Brightness increases 60-70% when submerged. Ideal for travel and warm water diving. Dual power locking switch and integral pistol-style grip.
The high intensity SL4 eLED® dive light is ideal for minimizing weight for travel due to its high brightness, small size and long burn time.
Shockwave LED
Reg: $119.99
Sale: $89.95
Triple Maxbright LEDs combined with Princeton Tec’s proprietary optics offer unprecedented brightness and beam smoothness.
Miniwave LED
Reg: $109.99
Sale: $82.45
The Miniwave LED is a compact version of our popular Shockwave LED.
Ultimate Dive Set
Reg: $99.99
Sale: $74.96
The Ultimate Dive Set has returned with vigor and has improved tremendously!
Fathom Pak
Reg: $99.99
Sale: $74.95
The Fathom Pak consists of: C8 Xenon, Mini Q40 Xenon, SL4 and Dive Beacon in Safety Yellow
C8 Xenon
Small size, high brightness and good value make the Sunlight C8 one of UK's best selling lights.
Torrent LED Underwater Flashlight
The Torrent LED was designed for the diver who wants high performance in a smaller package.
C4 Xenon
The C4 is the smallest pistol grip style dive light designed for divers who want to minimize their gear.
SL4 Xenon, Blue
Two-by-two battery arrangement makes this 4 C-cell xenon light small enough for a BC pocket, yet bright enough for clear water night diving. Ideal as a back-up light or photo spotting light.
Lobster Gauge Light Holder
Dive light lobster gauge attachment adjusts to 3 1/4inches and 3inches; fits dive lights 2 3/4" to 5 inch light diameters.
Glo-Tube AAA - White
3 function night dive light
Glo-Tube AAA - Red
3 function night dive light
Glo-Tube AAA - Green
3 function night dive light
Glo-Tube AAA - Blue
3 function night dive light
Dive Beacon
Dependable long lasting (24 hours) high visibility red personal marker beacon.
Lamp (6.6 watt), C4/C4R
6.6 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp
Lamp (13.2 watt), C8
13.2 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp
Lamp/Reflector, 4AA Xenon
2.1 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp
Tec 40 Flashlight
This compact halogen unit provides the highest power-toweight ratio of any light in its class.
Mini Led Cyalume Constant On – Green
LED light stick constant ON; 3/8" x 3" O-ring sealed rated to 330foot depth; 15 hour battery life; battieries included.
6" Lightstick - Red
6" Chem Dive Light Stick, Red
6" Lightstick - Blue
6" Chem Dive Light Stick, Blue
6" Lightstick - Green
6" Chem Dive Light Stick, Green
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