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ST1 Yoke Sealed Regulator
The World's first "Green" regulator
Legend LX Yoke - Twilight
Customized for female divers, this sleek yoke regulator features a smaller Comfo-bite mouth-piece and detachable silicone bridge for the ultimate comfortable dive.
XTX200 Yoke Regulator
Suitable for warm and cold waters, this yoke regulator delivers style, precision and high performance for the ultimate piece of diving gear.
Legend LX ACD Regulator
If you want the same high performance features and ease of breathing as the Legend LUX but without the pink gold finish, you will find it with the Legend LX. Like the Legend LUX, the Legend LX features the Master Breathing System (MBS) .
B2 Yoke Regulator - Black
The Perfect combination of comfort, performance and style
SR2 Regulator
This regulator delivers the impressive breathing performance of less than 0.5 joules/liter, W.O.B. at 165 fsw and 62.5 RMV, making it the most technologically advanced regulator Sherwood Scuba has ever produced.
Legend ACD Regulator
This new line of regulators crafts the future with innovative technology and sleek cosmetic appeal. They are smaller and lighter making for a more comfortable dive, whether you are jet setting to an exotic location or diving your local spot.
XTX50 Yoke Regulator
Part of the premium XTX line, this yoke regulator has a feature-rich construction and attractive exterior that's made for serious divers.
Abyss 22 Regulator
Merging a balanced first stage with a compact second stage for easy breathing, this high-performance regulator lets you explore chillier currents with ease.
Mikron Regulator and Yoke - Black / Pink
The Mikron regulator is compact with power and features.
Mikron Green
The Mikron regulator is compact with power and features.
ATX40 Regulator
This high-performance regulator has a fully-balanced first and second stage that lets you explore even the coldest depths in comfort.
Z2 Yoke Regulator - Gray
Exclusive Atomic features at a mid -range price
Oasis Regulator
Designed for warm waters, this regulator comes with unique moisture-retention fins in the second stage for optimized breathing in any underwater environment.
Oasis Regulator
If you’re a warm-water diver who gets that awful feeling of dry mouth, you are going to love the Oasis.
Titan Regulator
Lightweight and easy to use, this regulator is equipped with a Comfo-bite mouth-piece and balanced diaphragm for comfortable breathing at an affordable price.

SPARE AIR is the smallest redundant SCUBA system available with enough air to get you to the surface in an out-of-air emergency. Package includes a 3.0 cu.ft. Spare Air, Covered Holster, Safety Leash and SCUBA tank Refill Adapter

Legend Octopus
The perfect pair with a Legend series over-balanced first stage, this pneumatically balanced second stage gives you control and comfortable air flow to explore at depth.
Airsource 3,QD,Complete Regulator
High-performance Octo Regulator with a power inflator
Mikron Octopus
Compact dimensions and low weight blend comfort with a unique diving experience
Gemini Inflator
Replaces the conventional BC power inflator
Egress Octopus
Whether it's used as an octopus rig or balanced second stage, Apeks Egress Octopus has a brightly visible design that can be used anyway-up for fast emergency air supply.
ABS Octopus Regulator
Octopus Regulator
Scuba Octo - Platinum
The Sherwood Octo has been the overwhelming favorite for rental applications for decades because of its simple reliability.
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