Buoyancy Compensators

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Women's Soul i3 BC - Black / Charcoal / Twilight
Designed for the female diver, this buoyancy compensator features a Wrapture Harness System with swivel shoulder buckles to help you master buoyancy with ease and comfort.
Youth's Wave Buoyancy Computer - Black / Orange
Wave BC still maintains its durability and fade resistance as its predecessor, but now offers optional weight integration.
Zuma Buoyancy Computer - Black / Pink
Here’s the BC that you have been waiting for. The fun, travel-friendly ZUMA will find favor with those divers who are tired of paying excess baggage fees.
Dimension i3 - Black / Charcoal
An Aqua Lung first! The Dimension i3 is a back inflation Bouyancy Compensator with an integrated i3 inflation / deflation system
Lotus i3, Women's – Black/Charcoal
The Lotus i3 is the latest installment in our fine line of ladies’ BCs. It is a back inflation BC with an integrated i3 inflation / deflation system that is designed and styled just for women.