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Dive/SCUBA Rentals

Store Availability: Rentals and Services vary by store location. Please contact store to inquire.
  • Persons renting equipment must be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Valid Driver License, US Passport or Military Identification Required.
  • For your convenience rental charges are applied according to usage.
  • A one day grace period is granted to accommodate pick-up and/or drop off.
  • $100 Deposit Required for SCUBA Equipment
  • $200 Deposit Required for Drysuits
  • Proof of certification - To rent a cylinder, regulator , SPG, octopus, dive computer or buoyancy compensator a customer must provide proof of certification from a nationally recognized* certification agency.

    *Nationally recognized certification agencies are: PADI, NAUI, YMCA, NASDS, SSI, SDI, IDEA, NASE, PDIC, LA County, CMAS (one star or more), BSAC, (Sport, Ocean, or Club Diver minimum), Navy Diver 1st Class, Navy Diver 2nd Class and B.U.D. ( Basic Underwater Demolition)

Dive/SCUBA Rentals


One Day

Each Additional Day

Complete Package
Includes: Regulator with computer and octopus, buoyancy compensator, wet suit, hood, cylinder, weight belt, and weights
$45 $30
Regulator System
Includes: Regulator, Computer and Octopus
$25 $15
Buoyancy Compensator $15 $10
Wet Suit $15 $10
Hood $5 $3
Cylinder with Air $10 $5
Weights $8 $4
Drysuit $50 $30
Undergarment $15 $10

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