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Dive/SCUBA Services

Sport Chalet operates a new 5000 square foot, full service SCUBA repair facility in Southern California. The repair facility is solely dedicated to servicing your SCUBA equipment safely and efficiently. Our facility uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure only the highest level of service is performed.

Each staff member is a dedicated repair technician who have been professionally trained and certified by all of our manufacturers. Our technician's only job is to service over 4,000 regulators that come into our repair facility each year. Sport Chalet SCUBA repair offers factory-authorized warranty service on most major brands of SCUBA equipment. We are also an authorized Suunto dive watch battery replacement facility so we can quickly turnaround your dive computers and dive watches.

Store Availability: Rentals and Services vary by store location. Please contact store to inquire.

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Dive/SCUBA Services

Regulator System

Sport Chalet services most regulator models from the following brands:
Apeks, Aqua Lung, Davor, Genesis, Mares, Sea Quest, Sherwood, Submersible, and Tusa
Regulator Overhaul $65
Inspect and Adjust $30
Overhaul Integrated 2nd Stage $35
HUB Systems (Additional Labor Charge) $100
Spare Air Service $90


Computer Battery Service $20
Submersible Pressure Gauge Service $10
Accuracy Test $10


Visual Cylinder Inspection with Air Fill * $15
Visual Cylinder Inspection Doubles with Air Fill * $35
Hydrostatic Test (Includes Visual Inspection) * $35
Tumble/Cleaning * $25
* Includes Neck O-ring and Airfill


Valve Overhaul $25
Overhead Twin Manifold $35

Buoyancy Compensators

Overhaul Low Pressure Inflator $25
BC Pressure Test $20
Estimates (applied to labor rates)
Equipment will be returned disassembled if service is not authorized by customer.
Express Service (price in addition to regular rate)
4 Working Days; Includes Shipping and Handling


SCUBA Air Cards $45
SCUBA Cylinders $5
CO2 Fills (9, 12, or 20 oz.) $5.00
Pony Bottles (up to 30 cu. ft.) FREE

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