Lacrosse Heads

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Stallion Lacrosse Head - Strung White
Engineered for Strength and Stability for the Advanced Defender
Proton Power
The STX® Proton Power men's lacrosse head is engineered for the all-around player. The STX® Forward Cant is designed for quicker passing and shooting.
ProtonU Head - Strung
This next generation Proton head is both NCAA and NFHS approved with the same classic shape as the Proton +
Viper II
The Viper has an ideal shape that is not too pinched but not too wide for the best combo of catching ability and ball retention. Strategically placed stringing holes create a middle pocket that is easy to string.
Profile CS Atk Lacrosse Head
Reg: $39.99
Sale: $19.96
Engineered for Strength and Toughness