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Tennis Racquets

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Wilson Pro Staff 90 Tennis Racket
Reg: $209.99
Sale: $149.97
The unique braided box beam construction makes the Pro Staff the essence of classic control. This racket has an unmatched history of winning Grand Slams. Endorsed by Rodger Federer.
Wilson Pro Staff 100LS Spin Tennis Racket
Reg: $219.99
Sale: $159.97
Wilson has introduced game changing Spin Effect technology to the Pro Staff frame.
Head  Ti. S6 US Pre Strung Racquet
The Ti. S6 comes fully equipped with Head`s Titanium technology which provides much needed stability and comfort for the player.
Head YouTek Graphene Radical MP Tennis Racquet
Reg: $189.95
Sale: $142.46
With the new HEAD YouTek Graphene Radical, all your tricks come down to one.
Head Ti.Instinct Supreme 4 Tennis Racquet
This racquet is made with Nano Titanium Technology for added power and stability, Titanium O-Beam Construction for increased durability and comfort, and has a super-oversized head for maximum sweet spot and extra power.
Head Ti.Radical Elite 4 Tennis Racquet
This racquet is made with Graphite Composite construction for added control and spin, Extreme Grid for better stability and added feel, Contour Cushion for maximum comfort the perfect grip, and has an oversized head for controlled power.
HEAD Graphene Extreme MP Racquet
Reg: $169.95
Sale: $149.97
Now with Graphene, the Extreme MP has a special combination of weight and balance that gives you extra power while still giving you the maneuverability you want.
Head Graphene Extreme LITE Racquet
Reg: $169.95
Sale: $149.97
The new Graphene Extreme Lite shares many of the characteristics of the Extreme MP but is a perfect, lightweight mid plus frame.
Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket - Yellow
Tennis Rackets for adult beginner and recreational players. Oversize rackets in sizes greater than 105 help generate additional power.
Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket
The Tour Slam oversized recreational racket is a great choice for any player.
Wilson Pro Staff 97LS Tennis Racket
Reg: $199.99
Sale: $149.99
The game of tennis has evolved, and so has the entire line of Pro Staff rackets, including the all-new Pro Staff 97LS: the most powerful and versatile of the series.
Babolat 2014 E Sense Lite Tennis Racket - Pink
Racket offers a nice compliment of technology, 100% graphite and Side Woofer.
Babolat 2014 E Sense Lite Tennis Racket
Babolat racquets that offer a nice compliment of technology, 100% graphite and Side Woofer.
Babolat Pure Drive Lite GT Tennis Racket
Reg: $185.00
Sale: $139.97
Power and maneuverability with a better feel.
Babolat Pure Drive 107 Tennis Racket
Reg: $189.00
Sale: $141.75
Power and forgiveness with a better feel.
Wilson Triumph Tennis Racket - Fuchsia
The Wilson Triumph Racket provides a V-Matrix Technology creating a larger sweet spot plus Stop Shock Sleeves reduce string vibration.
Wilson Essence Tennis Racket
The Essence racquet is a versatile, oversized recreational racket.
Wilson Four BLX Tennis Racquet
The new Four provides high power, excellent maneuverability and tremendous versatility with great feel due to BLX technology combined with Hammer weighting.
Wilson Surge BLX Tennis Racquet
Reg: $129.99
Sale: $97.49
The Surge BLX delivers power and spin for the players who wants to hit more powerful ground strokes
Prince Classic Graphite 107 Tennis Racquet
Reg: $159.00
Sale: $119.25
Classic styling with modern technology
Prince Tour 100T ESP Tennis Racquet
Reg: $199.00
Sale: $149.25
The Tour 100T ESP is a spin generating machine. For players who are looking to dominate the opposition with depth and penetration from the back of the court the added 30% spin of ESP makes this frame the one.
Prince Warrior 100L ESP Tennis Racquet
Reg: $199.00
Sale: $149.25
Super lite and powerful the Warrior 100L ESP provides all the power and maneuverability for the modern baseline player. The addition of ESP will provide even more back court domination with up to 30% more spin.
Prince Premier 105 ESP Tennis Racquet
Reg: $219.00
Sale: $164.25
The Premier 105 ESP gives power, comfort and spin for a wide variety of playing styles. This versatile frame comes with ESP for up to 30% more spin.
Wilson US Open 23 Youth Tennis Racket
A lightweight and easy to swing 23 inch Junior Racquet
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At Sport Chalet, we offer a huge selection of high-quality tennis racquets. Whether you just play an occasional game with friends or you’re basically a tennis pro, you can find great deals on reliable products like Wilson tennis racquets, Head tennis racquets, or the Babolat Aeropro Drive GT. We also offer Prince tennis racquets and the popular, versatile Babolat Pure Drive, along with racquets built just for kids. Sport Chalet racquets deliver the finest feel, precision performance, and unbeatable durability. So shop Sport Chalet today and pick out the best tennis racquet for you, whether you’re a restrained player or a more aggressive competitor. Plus, if tennis isn’t your thing, we offer racquets for other competitive games as well, like racquetball and squash.