Bike Services

Your one-stop shop before you hit the road.

Our Cycling Specialty Services Includes:

  • Complete Bike Tune-Up, Service, and Repair
  • FREE 60-Day Bike Inspection/Adjustment Bike Guarantee (applies only to bikes purchases from Sport Chalet)
  • FREE Professional Bike Assembly (applies only to bikes purchases from Sport Chalet)
  • FREE Installation of Bike Accessories (applies only to bikes purchases from Sport Chalet)
  • 15% OFF Bike Accessories with the purchase of any bike over $100 or more.
  • Bikes purchased online must be picked up in stores.
Store Availability: Rentals and Services vary by store location. Please contact store to inquire.

Sport Chalet Bike Techs:

In addition to the basic training all employees receive, Sport Chalet Bike Techs must complete additional required training. Bike Techs complete 40 hours of mechanic training developed by the Barnett Bicycle Institute of Certified Mechanics. The certification is renewed every 3 years, by testing administered directly from our in-house Bike Techs. In addition to skills training, Bike University provides comprehensive product training, as well as product demonstration opportunities.

Cycling Specialty Service Rates

Bike Assembly

Pack for shipment (includes standard box) $35
Standard Assembly (MultiSpeed) $45
Standard Assembly (Single Speed) $30
Used Bike Assembly (MultiSpeed) $60
Used Bike Assembly (Single Speed) $45
Pro Bike Assembly $140

Bottom Bracket

Standard Bottom Bracket Adjust: $12
Overhaul: $20
Replace: $20
Cartridge Bottom Bracket Replace: $20


Install Cranks $12 + Bottom Bracket
Install Chainrings $12
Crankarm - 3 Piece See Bottom Bracket
Crankarm - 1 Piece See Bottom Bracket

Derailleur & Shifters

Front Derailleur/Shifter Adjust: $10
Overhaul: $15
Replace: $15
Rear Derailleur/Shifter Adjust: $15
Overhaul: $20
Replace: $20
Align Rear/Hanger Adjust: $25


Install Chain Replace: $10
Remove/Clean/Replace Chain Overhaul: $20
Freewheel (Clean/Reinstall/Install) $20
Cassette (Clean/Reinstall) $20

Brakes (each)

Road Style Adjust: $6
Overhaul: $15
Replace: $12
Cantilever Adjust: $6
Overhaul: $20
Replace: $12
V-Brake Adjust: $6
Overhaul: $20
Replace: $12
Disc - Mechanical Adjust: $12
Overhaul: $30
Replace: $25
Disc - Hydro Adjust: $15
Overhaul: $45
Replace: $30
Replace Inner Wire $15
Replace Housing $15

Accessory Installation

Bottle Cage To Fittings Install: $6
Bottle Cage - Strap On Install: $8
Child Carrier Adjust: $10
Replace: $20+
Computer Basic: $10
Cadence/Complex: $20
Kickstand Install: $6


Headset - Standard Adjust: $6+
Overhaul: $25
Replace: $30
Headset - Cart/Bearing Adjust: $6+
Overhaul: $25
Replace: $35+
Cut Steer Tube Adjust: $8+
Fork - Suspension Adjust: $10+
Oil Change: $45
Replace: $40


Front Hub - Standard Adjust: $10
Overhaul: $20
By Quote
Front Hub - Cart Bearing Adjust: $10
Overhaul: $20+
By Quote
Rear Hub - Freewheel Adjust: $14
Overhaul: $20
By Quote
Rear Hub - Cassette Basic Adjust: $14
Overhaul: $25
By Quote
Rear Hub - Cassette Cartridge Bearing Adjust: $14+
Overhaul: $30+
By Quote


Standard Replace: $8
Cartridge Bearing Adjust: $10
Replace: $20
Clipless Adjust: $10+
Overhaul: $20
Replace: $8
Clipless Cartridge Bearing Adjust: $10
Replace: $20+
Install Cleats Install: $10

Saddle and Seatpost

Saddle/Seatpost Adjust: $5
Replace: $10
Remove Frozen Seatpost Replace: $15+

Stem and Handlebars

Grips $6
Tape Bars $22
Standard Handlebars Replace: $10
Road Handlebars Adjust: $8+
Standard Stem (Quill or Threadless) Replace: $12
Stem with Faceplate Replace: $10


Turning Adjust: $15+
Build Wheel - Assemble spokes to hub $50 + Parts

Tire and Tube

Tube or Tire - Wheel Only Adjust: Air-Free
Replace: $6+
Tube or Tire - Front Wheel on Bike Adjust: Air-Free
Replace: $8+
Tube or Tire - Rear Wheel on Bike Adjust: Air-Free
Replace: $10+
Drive train removed and cleaned plus regular tune-up $65

Tune-ups Include The Following:

Safety Check, Adjust Brakes, Adjust Shifting, Adjust Headset, Adjust Front and Rear Hub Axle Cones as Needed, Adjust Tire Pressure, Minor Wheel Truing, Wipe Down Bicycle, Lube Cables, Clean and Lube Chain, Inspect Rims and Clean Brake Surface, Inspect and Tighten All Other Fasteners, Test Ride By Mechanic, Cables, Housing, and Any Other Needed Parts Are Not Included In This Price, and Are Charged Separately.
Tune-up (MultiSpeed) Adjust: $50
Overhaul: $120
Replace: By Quote
Tune-up (Single Speed) Adjust: $25
Overhaul: $45
Replace: By Quote

Vehicle Rack Mounting

Tower Assembly and Installation $40
Accessory Assembly and Installation $10
Accessory Mount $8
Fairing $15
Cargo Box To Factory $30
Basket To Factory $30
Ski Attachment To Factory $15
Bike Attachment To Factory $20
Rear Mounted
Receiver (Assembly/Install) $20
Spare Tire (Assembly/Install) $30
Trunk Mounted $30

Bike Rentals

Whether you're headed for the courts or for the backwoods, our experts will help you find what you need. Sport Chalet stores rent equipment for a variety of activities and sports. Arrive at your destination ready to go! Please contact your nearest Sport Chalet Store for details on rentals offered. (Rentals vary by store location)

Store Availability: Beach cruisers are only available at the following Sport Chalet Stores: Huntington Beach, Point Loma, Marina Del Rey, and Torrance. Mountain bikes available only at West Jordan (Utah).

Rentals and Services vary by store location. Please contact store to inquire.

  • Persons renting equipment must be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Valid Driver License, US Passport or Military Identification Required.
  • For your convenience rental charges are applied according to usage.
  • A one day grace period is granted to accommodate pick-up and/or drop off.
  • $300 Deposit Required for Beach Cruisers and Mountain Bikes

Bike Rentals


One Day

Each Additional Day

Beach Cruisers (Men/Women) $20 $15
Mountain Bikes (Men/Women) $20 $15