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Lacrosse Sticks

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Brine Alias Defense Lacrosse Handle - Silver
Defensive lacrosse handle from Brine.
Warrior Bullzeye Complete Lacrosse Head
Youth/JV level lacrosse stick for players who are evolving their game.
STX Viper II
The Viper has an ideal shape that is not too pinched but not too wide for the best combo of catching ability and ball retention. Strategically placed stringing holes create a middle pocket that is easy to string.
STX Steel Defense Handle - Gun Metal
Reg: $59.99
Sale: $33.70
High strength alloy handle made for solid performance.
Maverik A1 Handle - White
Reg: $89.99
Sale: $50.95
Lightweight, GritGrip A1Rium shaft.
Brine Sports LTD Alias - Blue Complete Attack
A more advanced complete stick for JV & Youth players.
STX ProtonU Head - Strung
This next generation Proton head is both NCAA and NFHS approved with the same classic shape as the Proton +
Brine Sports LTD Clutch X - White Ultra Mesh Head
The most popular Brine head of all time.
Brine Sports LTD Money Goalie CS
Reg: $65.00
Sale: $36.70
Perfect stick for developing goalies.
STX Fiddlestx Two Pack Mini Lacrosse Sticks and Ball
Great for young players, backyard, beach, and dorm play
STX Women's Crux Complete Lacrosse Stick - Purple
Accuracy and Protection in one place
Brine Womens Starter Pack - Neon Blue
Get her on the field with the Brine Dynasty Rise Starter Pack.
STX K18 Lacrosse Handle - Black
New handle inspired by Kyle Harrison.
Warrior Swarm X Lacrosse Head - White
Reg: $49.99
Sale: $28.45
On the field, it's better to be proactive than reactive. Charge the goal with the Swarm X Head from Warrior on your handle.
STX K18 Lacrosse Head
Reg: $84.99
Sale: $47.95
New head inspired by Kyle Harrison.
Brine Sports LTD Edge X - Black Ultra Mesh Head
Brine's all-time best selling defensive head.
Maverik A1 Handle - Black
Reg: $89.99
Sale: $50.95
Lightweight, GritGrip A1Rium shaft.
STX Goalmaster Goalie Stick YOUTH DMV
Reg: $84.99
Sale: $47.95
he STX® Goalmaster's goalie head's design is extra stiff, solid and dependable. It is suitable for beginning through collegiate-level players as well as both men and women.
STX Steel Attack Handle - Gun Metal
Reg: $44.99
Sale: $25.45
High strength alloy handle made for solid performance.
Maverik Lacrosse Wonderboy Attack Handle - Black
Maverik’s original stick, the Wonderboy is forged from Maverik’s 9000-Series aluminum/titanium alloy, which offers a combination of strength, lightness, durability and appearance.
Warrior Torch Attack Lacrosse Head - Black
Start your game off on the right foot with the Torch Attack Lacrosse Handle from warrior, built for new Lacrosse players.