Kayak / Canoe Equipment

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Air Horn 3.5 oz
Compressed Air Horn
12V PSI Air Pump
Reg: $21.99
Sale: $16.45
Perfect for all types of inflatables; boats, towables, and floats
459 Rod Holder Adjustable Height Extender
Scotty 459 Adjustable Height Extender for all Scotty Rod Holders.
244 Flush Mount Base
Scotty 244 Flush Mount Base with gasket. Allows low profile installation of any Scotty Rod Holder
265 Fly Rod
Scotty 265 Fly Rod Holder with 241 Deck Mount
Reg: $15.99
Sale: $11.95
60 Inch Heavy Nylon Bungee Leash. Multiple uses for tie down, tow rope and lots more.
Rod Holder Extender Kit
Reg: $11.99
Sale: $8.95
Flush Mount Rod Holder Extender to raise your fishing pole 9 inches off the deck of your kayak.
3.3 lb Grapnel Anchor Kit
3.3 Pound Grapnel Anchor Kit with rope and mesh storage bag.
1.5 lb Grapnel Anchor Kit
1.5 Pound Grapnel Anchor Kit with rope and mesh storage bag.
Handle Kit
Double Handle Kit for kayaks or canoes.
Deluxe Anchor Trolley Kit - Pulley System
Anchor Trolley for kayaks, canoes and small boats. Includes stainless steel pulleys
Bungee Deck Kit
Nylon bungee deck rigging kit for adding storage
Anchor Cleat Kit
Nylon Anchor Cleat for kayaks, canoes or small boats
Folding Paddle Clip Kit
Folding Paddle Clip Kit for Kayak or Canoe Paddles. Works with Push Poles also.
Paddle Keeper Kit
Double Paddle Keeper Kit to secure your Paddle or Fishing Pole
Molded Rubber Paddle Clip Kit
2 Molded Rubber Paddle or Pole Clips to secure your Paddle or Push Pole
Universal Drain Plug Kit
2 Different Size Drain Plugs to fit all sit inside or sit on top kayaks.
Universal Scupper Plug Kit
4 Pack of Universal Scupper Plugs.
Pad Eye Kit - 5 Piece
Pad Eye Kit to secure things to your Kayak or Canoe. 5 Piece Kit with hardware and instructions
Yak Gear Taco Paddle Clip Kit
Taco Paddle Clip Kit to easily stow your Kayak or Canoe Paddle. Hardware and instructions included.
Three Leash Combination
Two Nylon Bungee Fishing Pole Leashes and One Nylon Bungee Paddle Leash Combo Pack. Great starter pack to secure your Paddle and Fishing Poles.
Nylon Bungee Double Braided Fishing Pole Leash to secure your Fishing Pole.
Coiled Paddle Leash
Solid Rubber Coiled Paddle Leash for Kayaks and Canoes to secure your Paddle.
Basic Paddle Leash
Nylon Bungee Paddle Leash for Kayaks and Canoes to secure your Paddle.
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