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Spring Float® SunDry™ Lounger
Reg: $39.99
Sale: $29.95
Made in a relaxing full-body shape, this inflatable lounger has a soft mesh cover that lets you recline in comfort and take in the sun.
Hydro Spring™ Basketball
Reg: $23.99
Sale: $17.95
This easy to inflate water basketball game lets you bring your all-star performance to the pool.
Official Sand Soccer Ball
Reg: $19.99
Sale: $14.95
Sporting an eye-catching style, this standardized beach soccer ball makes it easy to focus on your footwork.
Battle Reef Fish Pool Toy
Reg: $19.99
Sale: $10.96
This kid-powered pool toy transforms bath-time into the Great Barrier Reef.
Splash Dunk
Reg: $19.99
Sale: $14.95
16' Water Slide, with wall of water
Flood Force Water Cannon
Reg: $19.99
Sale: $14.95
Continuous shooting action makes water wars more exciting
Toypedo Max
Reg: $15.99
Sale: $11.95
New interchangeable Toypedo lets you control the trajectory
Kid's Gator Play Swim Center
Reg: $39.99
Sale: $29.95
Children's water play center.
Pool Side Volleyball
Reg: $67.99
Sale: $50.95
No tools required poolside volleyball game. Net spands over 24 feet.
Youth's Starfighter Super Squirter
Reg: $39.93
Sale: $24.96
Perfect for Trekking Cross The Galaxy…Or Cross The Backyard Pool!
Youth's Water Wheel
Reg: $49.93
Sale: $29.96
Kids Love Free Wheelin' "Round the Pool In Our Inflatable WaterWheel…Let The Good Times Roll!