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Hele 8.5 Vario SDS Paddle
Versatile All-around
Wax Box and Comb
A stylish box that easily holds you surf wax and comb, protecting it from the elements and providing easy transport. Keep your Sticky Bumps gear at hand when you need it.
Wax Remover - 8 oz
A citrus-based surf wax remover that can easily remove Sticky Bumps wax while protecting the boards from damage.
Warm/Tropical Tour Series Wax
Touring quality surf wax that offers long lasting hold and a pleasing scent in and out of the water.
Cool/Cold Tour Series Wax
Touring quality surf wax that offers long lasting hold and a pleasing scent.
Warm/Tropical Munkey Wax
Surf wax that offers increased hold so you can feel safe performing jumps and tricks in warmer climates.
Cool/Cold Munkey Wax
Surf wax designed to give you the grip you need for intense jumps and stunts. Great for cooler climates, it will keep you in control through even the most punishing waves.
Tropical Punt Surf Wax
Surf wax designed for the most intense riders looking for a leg up on tricks and jumps. Stay confident and in-control through the toughest waves.
Cold/Cool Punt Surf Wax
Master the waves with this extra sticky surf wax designed for jumps and tricks.
Tropical Surf Wax
Ready for even the warmest climates, this surf wax provides extra grip on your board. When the temperature heats up, it will keep you in control.
Cold Surf Wax
This surf wax gives you confidence and stability in colder climates, keeping you in control of your board as the temperature dips.
Bodyboard Fin Leash
This fin leash that keeps you connected to your board in rough situations.
Long Rack Pad - 28"
This rack pad will keep your board protected from scrapes and scratches on long rides.
Aero Long Rack Pad  - 28"
A soft rack pad that keeps your board safe and stable on your journey in search of the perfect wave.
Easy Grip Wax Comb
A wax comb that helps you remove excess wax from your board with ease.
Warm/Tropical Skimboard Wax
This skimboard wax will give you additional grip all summer long, even in the warmest temperatures. Take control of the surf with stability and confidence.
Cool/Cold Skimboard Wax
Ready for cool weather and cold environments this skimboard wax will give you the grip you need to feel free and easy on the rolling surf.
Warm/Tropical Bodyboard Wax
Ready to give you extra traction this summer, this bodyboard wax will keep you in control on the waves. It's also a snap to apply and remove.
Cool/Cold Bodyboard Wax
An easy-to-apply bodyboard wax that gives you confidence and control on the rolling water. It's easy to apply and remove, letting you get on the water quicker when the temperature starts to fall.
Wax Remover - 4 oz
Safely remove surf wax without risking your board with this top quality wax remover. Its compact bottle is easy to stow and transport to the beach.
Surf Wax Basecoat
A surf wax basecoat that lets you apply surf wax with ease, keeping your boards looking and riding their absolute best.
Warm Surf Wax
Ready for a summer of mastering the waves, this surf wax provides extra grip in warm climates.
Cool Surf Wax
Feel in control in cooler climates with this sticky surf wax keeping you on your board at all times.
Baja Tie Down Straps - 12'
These tie down straps offer you added stability and protection on your drive in search of sand and surf.
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