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Snow Sleds, Winter Sledding, Disk Snow Sleds & Snow Slider Mats

Two Person Sleds, Snowsliders, Snow Skimmer Mats, Snowsleds & Snow Shovels

Well designed snow sleds and snow shovels from Sport Chalet make welcome gifts for birthdays and winter holidays. Winter sledding is a blast when you use our sleek, fast-moving snow slider mats. Our disk snow sleds are real winners – especially if you select snowsleds with water-resistant top skin and shock-absorbing foam construction. You'll enjoy our molded winter sleds for hours of fast-moving fun on winter weekends.

Our snow sleds include high-tech one-person and two-person sleds. Winter sledding takes on a whole new dimension when you try our snowsleds with compression-molded, high-density cores for speed and shock absorption.

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With our snow sleds, you'll be impressed with features such as parabolic rails for added stability and maneuverability.

Snow sleds from Sport Chalet include two person sleds and snowsliders with slick bottoms and padded, textured decks. Winter sledding technology leaps ahead with the revolutionary foam-bonding construction of our molded snowsleds. You also can choose disk snow sleds for exceptional speed down the hill. From molded winter sleds to lightweight disks, we carry a large selection of sledding gear to help meet your winter needs.
Products 1 - 11 of 11