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Snowboard Stomp Pads, Snowboard Wax & Boot Laces

Snowboard Hardware, Multi Tools, Snowboard Cords & Binding Studs

With snowboarding accessories specifically for boots, bindings and boards, you’re always prepared while out enjoying your favorite winter sport. A wide selection of snowboard stomp pads from Sport Chalet provides traction so you are able to skate through lift lines, exit the chairlift without slipping and clear ice from your boot before strapping into the board. Other essential snowboard hardware helps tighten bindings so you have a secure footing when freestyling or shredding down the fresh powder. Snowboard boot laces, cords, binding studs and other important snowboarding gear are all available in one convenient location.

Handy snowboarding accessories make it easier to transport boards with snowboard cords or keep your boots cinched tight with cool laces. Snowboard stomp pads are a must-have item for getting traction coming off the lift.

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Convenient snowboarding accessories include snowboard hardware and multi-tools for keeping bindings tight.

All the snowboarding accessories you need for enjoying your day on the mountain are available at Sport Chalet. With a selection including snowboard stomp pads in cool shapes and designs to personalize your accessories, tools, cords and more, your snowboarding gear is complete. Available snowboard hardware includes snowboard binding studs and tools for cinching down bindings to ensure a proper and safe fit. Snowboard boot laces are another way to ensure your feet stay just where you want them when getting big air while freestyling or racing friends down the slopes.

Our variety of snowboarding accessories such as snowboard cords, makes it easy to transport multiple boards in one convenient bundle. Always necessary snowboard stomp pads are ideal for gaining traction when getting off the lift, removing snow and ice from your board before strapping in as well as skating through lift lines and flat ground. Snowboard hardware and accessories are durable and lightweight, so carrying them around isn’t a hassle and you always have them when you need them. Some accessories, such as snowboard boot laces, also add a touch of personality to your gear with cool colors to choose from.
Products 1 - 24 of 32