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When it comes to winter coats, it's hard to beat the selection and quality available from Sport Chalet. All our winter clothing is made to please the outdoor enthusiast, whether you need winter hats, warm sweaters or snowboard jackets. And we have winter sports gear for the whole family, from snow sleds and snowboards to snow goggles and protective helmets. Complete your ensemble with snow boots designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable for work, play and everything in between.

Sporty winter coats deliver top notch warmth and comfort while also providing full range of motion with stretchy fabrics and athletic fits. Heat-trapping winter clothing is essential to staying warm during your favorite sports such as ice skating, sledding and skiing. Check out winter sports gear designed for sports ranging from snowboarding to skiing and stock up on styles in classic colors, bold patterns and more. Along with snow boots, make sure to choose winter hats and gloves for total warmth from head to toe.

With winter coats in an array of styles, color and fits, you can prepare for whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeve. And our winter clothing includes warm sweaters and toasty baselayers for layering under jackets for added warmth.

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  • ROXY Women's Sugar Banana Snowboard Snowboarding Snowboard Decks, Snowboarding Hardware, Bindings & Protective Gear (1019 Products) QUICK VIEW >
    Snowboarding Snowboard Goggles, Top Snowboard Jackets & Snowboarding Gear Brand name snowboarding jackets keep you toasty warm while enjoying your favorite winter sport. Also available, snowboard decks and easily coordinated snowboard bindings combine to give you the best quality and customization around.
  • Indy 88  Ski with FT 4.5 Binding Skiing Mountain Skiing Gear, Winter Jackets & Pants & Snow Skiing Accessories (648 Products) QUICK VIEW >
    Skiing Winter Accessories, Ski Boots & Poles, Mountain Ski Bindings & Winter Ski Goggles Quality skiing gear enhances your performance on the slopes. With ski goggles, ski poles and mountain skis, our selection of skis and skiing accessories equips you for shredding up the trails.
  • EMS Mens Icarus Hooded Down Jacket - Blue Smoke Winter Clothing & Accessories Winter Coats, Shirts, Jackets, Winter Leggings, Warm Tights & Underwear (2684 Products) QUICK VIEW >
    Winter Clothing & Accessories Winter Pants, Women's Coats, Men's Jackets, Thermal Shirts & Winter Jackets For Men From winter jackets to warm sweaters, our apparel is made to withstand winter's chill in almost any situation. Our snow pants and winter coats keep you cozy and dry, so you won't have to leave the mountain until you're ready to.
  • Spy Trevor Goggle Snow Goggles Snow Goggles, Snowboard & Skiing Goggles, Ionized Snow Goggles (91 Products) QUICK VIEW >
    Goggles Ionized Snow Goggles For Women, Men's Snowboard Goggles, Oakley Snow Goggles & Women's Ski Goggles Wearing ski goggles gives you confidence during snow fall and sunny days to attack the slopes with ionized snow goggles designed to improve your vision. And our snow goggles are available in an array of styles
  • Smith Vantage Helmet - Black Snow Helmets Protective Helmets, Snowboard Helmets & Protective Skiing Helmets (64 Products) QUICK VIEW >
    Helmets Lightweight Winter Gear, Protective Snow Helmets & Giro Snowboard Helmets Our snow helmets feature low-profile design and super-comfortable fit for enjoying spectacular days on the slopes. For winter helmets – including beautifully designed snowboard helmets – our large selection is the smart place to look.
  • Sorel Women's Yaquina Tall Boot - Chestnut Winter Boots Snow Boots, Waterproof Snow Boots, UGG Boots, Casual Snow Boots (97 Products) QUICK VIEW >
    Winter Boots Snow Boots For Women, Casual UGG Boots, Warm Snow Boots & Men's Waterproof Boots With comfortable snow boots in an array of colors and styles, you can find winter boots for everyone in your family. And we have UGG boots for kids and adults who appreciate casual fashion fused with high quality.
  • ZIPFY SNOW SLED - BLUE ON BLUE Snow Sleds Snow Sleds, Sledding Gear, Disk Snow Sleds, Molded Sleds & Snow Slider Mat (11 Products) QUICK VIEW >
    Snow Sleds Winter Slider Mats, Two Person Molded Snowsleds & Winter Snow Shovels When you want snow sleds, our selection of snow slider mats and disk snow sleds is the smart place to look. You'll appreciate our winter sledding gear because these snowsleds offer the speed you like and the control you need on wintry days.
  • Peerless Chain Auto Trac Light Truck Snow Chains – 0232405 Snow & Ice Tire Chains Road Chains, Snow Tire Chains, Ice Chains, Tire Chains for Snow & Ice (14 Products) QUICK VIEW >
    Tire Chains Snow Safety Gear, Winter Tire Chains & Peerless Traction Chains With our tire chains, you'll enjoy features such as worry-free self-tightening ratchets on these durable traction chains. Peerless snow tire chains include plastic kneeling pads with installation instructions printed on the pads.
  • Nite Ize Knot Bone #3 4-pack with Cord Ski & Snowboard Car Racks Snowboard Mounts, Ski Car Racks, Ski Racks for Cars, Snowboarding Racks (17 Products) QUICK VIEW >
    Ski & Snowboard Racks Snowboard Racks For Cars, Ski Car Mounts, Winter Sports Car Mounts & Car Racks For Skis With many styles of winter sport car racks, you'll find ski car racks designed to make transporting your gear easy. From snowboard racks to car mount parts, we have everything you need to equip your car for carrying gear to the slopes.
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With winter coats designed to combat the coldest temperatures, you can enjoy your favorite sports and activities without fussing over your outerwear.

From winter coats to warm sweaters, Sport Chalet stocks children's, men's and women's winter clothes designed to keep you warm and comfortable. Our winter clothing includes toasty baselayers, ski pants, winter hats, snowboard jackets and so much more. And we have winter sports gear for hitting the mountain, from all-terrain snowboards to fast molded sleds. Don't forget snow boots, gloves and other accessories that top off your outfits for solid head to toe warmth.

High performance winter coats and snowboarding jackets equip you to combat the elements and perform to your full potential. Our winter clothing is constructed using the softest fabrics with moisture-wicking capabilities, and many styles also have anti-microbial properties that keep you smelling fresh no matter how long you ski or sled. Along with winter sports gear, we also have snow goggles, ski helmets and other useful accessories that help improve your performance on the mountain, whether you like to ride fresh powder or race snowmobiles. And with rugged winter boots, you'll find styles built to stand up to ice and snow with heavy duty rubber soles and thick insulation.

Reveal your personality with winter coats that not only deliver superior warmth but also sleek style. Winter clothing at Sport Chalet is available in trend-driven patterns, eye-catching graphics and classic colors, and we have everything from warm sweaters to winter hats to stock your closet. And our winter sports gear provides you with options that look just as good at the ski lodge as they do running errands around town. With many styles of snow boots, you'll find boots designed for casual outings, working outdoors, hiking trails and more.

All of our winter coats are constructed for long-lasting wear from season to season, and we have styles that are sports specific as well as versatile styles perfect for a myriad of activities. Our winter clothing includes many different options for a range of weather conditions whether it's a sunny and mild or blustery and bone-chilling. Winter sports gear such as leather gloves and winter beanies help protect your extremities from the cold so that you can stay outside longer. And for your feet, snow boots are the logical choice for staying warm and dry.
Products 1 - 24 of 3525