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Boys running shoes come in dozens of styles at Sport Chalet, where our experts look for the best shoes for lightweight comfort, maximum performance and exceptional durability. Whether you need boys casual shoes or shoes for competitive sports, we have a range of brands that offer features suited to active boys' needs. We have soccer shoes that get boys excited, such as skull and snake prints, and we have soccer shoes that look like the ones the pros wear. We have waterproof winter boots that lace up for walking and hiking and winter boots that pull on for deep puddles and snow drifts.

Boys running shoes are great for going out to play, letting boys run and jump and climb trees with flexible and cushioned soles, breathable uppers and plenty of support. Boys casual shoes give a different look, but the brands we carry still offer quality in shoes designed for active wear as well as shoes designed for a slightly more dressy look. Soccer shoes have to meet different demands than baseball cleats, and we have footwear for sport-specific performance requirements. From winter boots for frigid days to sandals for relaxing by the water, we offer the best boys footwear.

Boys test boys running shoes with the classic quick start and stops, and we have running shoes that boys will approve of. Even boys casual shoes have to meet a boy's practical demands.

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Boys running shoes come in strong black and white and bold splashes of color to fit a boys personality.

The most popular boys running shoes in a range of styles are available at Sport Chalet, where we have major brands including Nike, Reebok, Asics and New Balance. Our boys casual shoes range from low-cut skate shoes to high-top Chuck Taylor street shoes, as well as sandals, deck shoes and sneakers. When it comes to soccer shoes, we have dozens of cleat styles giving choices in not only traction but also support, cushioning and lacing styles. When it's time for winter boots, we have everything from classy Uggs to waterproof snow boots from Kamik.

The best boys running shoes are lightweight and durable so boys can play hard, and we have everything from knobby-traction trail shoes to thin-soled running shoes with high-abrasion rubber so boys can feel the road without quickly wearing through the sole. Boys casual shoes add a bit of style for school or family events, but in flexible styles that still allow boys to run and have fun. Soccer shoes take the strength and quality to another level, because soccer is a rough game, but we still have styles boys love. Even our selection of winter boots is made especially for active feet.

From boys running shoes to boys football cleats and baseball cleats, Sport Chalet carries the most-trusted brands in the latest styles, colors and materials. Popular boys casual shoes include sandals from O'Neill and Reef, skate shoes from Vans and Converse, golf shoes from Taylormade and everyday shoes from Nike and New Balance. Whether it's soccer shoes or basketball shoes, we have footwear for the sports boys like to play, in the same styles as their sporting heroes. We have winter boots that are waterproof and breathable and summer sandals for playing in the sand.

Boys running shoes have to be fun, though, and we have shoes with wild colors, eye-catching prints, snazzy two-tone soles and classic sport styles. We have boys casual shoes that they can show off with pride when walking down the halls or hanging out at the park. Soccer shoes from Puma and Vizari stand out on the pitch, and basketball shoes from Adidas, Nike or Reebook make a splash on the court. Whether it's winter boots for playing in the snow or lightweight and comfortable athletic shoes, we have the shoes that boys want for the style and moms want for the quality.
Products 1 - 24 of 254