Princeton Tec Fred 4LED Headlamp
Princeton Tec Fred 4LED Headlamp
Item # 3101427000
We took the same technology and reliability of the Fuel and enhanced it by substituting a red LED for one of the white Ultrabright LEDs.The red LED is imperative to keeping night vision intact, yet the 3 remaining LEDs still provide superb lighting.

ï¾ Utilizing the exact same ergonomic and lightweight styling of the Fuel, the Fred enables you to preserve night vision with the substitution of a Red LED for one of the white only 78g with 45 lumens of brightness and 180 hours of burn time? A light that also has an asymmetrical single arm bracket that makes directing the light effortless and reliable; a large, easy to find push button switch and a virtually bulletproof, easy access battery door .

  • POWER 70 Lumens
  • LAMP 4 Ultrabright LEDs
  • BURN TIME 146 Hours
  • WEIGHT 78 Grams

Item No. 3101427

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