GoPro Chest Mount Harness
GoPro Chest Mount Harness
Item # 3063277000
Comfortable and easy to wear, this chest mount harness delivers an immersive, personal view that other mounts just can't replicate.

Fully adjustable, the GoPro Chest Mount Harness fits all shapes and sizes, including over large jackets or personal floatation devices. Share your passions with friends and family by giving them an inside look at your style on the slopes, on the court, or on the half-pipe. Providing a comfortable and unobtrusive view, this GoPro chest mount harness holds your sports camera in a way that provides another angle on your activity � even offering insight on your technique to help you improve in later sessions. No other GoPro mount puts it quite as close to the action.

  • Fully adjustable to fit all sizes and over almost any equipment
  • Provides a unique, immersive perspective to your images and video
  • Recommended for paddle sports, skiing, skateboarding, and cycling
  • Camera sold separately

Item No. 3063277

Price $39.99