Prohands Gripmaster Light 5 lbs
Prohands Gripmaster Light 5 lbs
Item # 3016810000
Gripmaster Hand & Finger Exerciser - Light Tension

Gripmaster is the #1 Hand Exerciser in world! It’s used by professional athletes, fitness trainers, and strength coaches to build outstanding hand, wrist and forearm strength. The patented finger-piston system isolates & challenges each finger individually.

  • Light recommended for the average woman's hand and men preferring more repetitions at lesser resistance
  • Challenges each finger individually using patented spring-loaded finger piston technology
  • Improves hand, wrist, and forearm strength and keeps hands healthy
  • Used by world-class athletes & top fitness trainers worldwide
  • Fits in your pocket. Workout Anytime, Anywhere
  • Great for musicians too!

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