Igloo Coolers Max Cold Ultra 60 Roller
Igloo Coolers Max Cold Ultra 60 Roller
Item # 3093558000
Igloo's Max Cold Coolers offer extended ice retention performance

Igloo's Max Cold Ultra 60 Roller is constructed with high performance insulation in the cooler body and lid that helps extend ice and cold retention by as much as two days when compared to comparable size coolers. In fact, it is designed to hold ice up to 5 days at 90ï¾° F. The Max Cold Ultra 60 Roller now includes reinforced non-slip comfort grip handles, durable soft ride sport rally wheels, marine-grade extended life Pebax hinges, hybrid latches made of both stainless steel and plastic and a stainless steel lid strap. Other features include a recessed triple snap drain plug that is also threaded for optional hose hook up and molded drink holders in the lid. The reinforced tow handle makes transport safe and easy and the 60 QT capacity holds 81 12oz cans.

  • Holds ice up to 5 days at 90ï¾° F
  • Ultratherm™ insulation in body and lid keeps contents cold
  • Hybrid latches (Stainless steel hinge/plastic snap)
  • Marine grade, extended life Pebax hinges
  • Stainless steel lid strap
  • Durable soft ride sport rally wheels
  • Reinforced tow handle
  • Reinforced non-slip comfort grip handles
  • Recessed triple-snap drain plug
  • Threaded drain plug with optional hose hookup for draining/cleaning convenience
  • Molded drink holders in lid
  • 60 QT/81 12oz can capacity

Item No. 3093558

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