Croakies Suiters Lycra Solid Eyewear Retainer - Red
Croakies Suiters Lycra Solid Eyewear Retainer - Red
Item # 3141203000
One of our most lightweight floating eyewear retainers, the Lycra Suiter Floater is made of non-absorbent Lycra, which contains the ability to dry quickly.

We take the concept of insurance for your prized valuables one step further with Croakies Float Products. Now you can insure the safety of both your optical frames and your keys while on the water. Our floating eyewear retainers work similar to strapping a life vest to your valuables to protect them from sinking. Just secure a Croakies floating retainer to your glasses to keep them afloat. Our Float Collection is made with bright, beacon colors to help you track your valuables. The combination of a nimble cord and solid buoyancy makes this eyewear retainer a comfortable option for all water activities.

    Made in the USA
  • Small profile
  • Adjustable soft foam bead
  • Closed cell foam
  • High quality, non-absorbent, quick dry lycra

Item No. 3141203

Price $8.00