Von Zipper Suplex Sunglasses
Von Zipper Suplex Sunglasses
Item # 3110749000
Pin it to win it in the Suplex.

It starts out with a warm embrace from behind, but then, the real action begins. The next thing you know…you're dazed and confused. Wondering what just happened? Pin it to win it in the Suplex.

  • 100 UV Protection
  • Base 8 Spherical Lens
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
  • RGNS-Molded Rubber Nosepads and Templepads
  • Nylon Grilamid Frame
  • Corrosion Free Pop n' Lock Cam Hinges
  • Kasey Kahne Signature Frame
  • Maximum Flexability
  • Made in Italy

Item No. 3110749

Price $160.00