Topeak DynaWedge Bike Bag, Small
Topeak DynaWedge Bike Bag, Small
Item # 3193005000
Aero style seat bag.

Dyna wedge bag is made of EVA foam which makes its construction lightweight and water-repellent. A sleek aerodynamic design makes it a favorite amongst road cyclist. Perfect size to hold tube, tools, and other small repair items. Attaches to seat rails with two adhesive straps and around seat post with rubber strap. Rubber strap is designed not to damage shorts.

  • Lightweight and water-repellent
  • Suitible for most types of saddle rails
  • Capacity .8L/49ci
  • Weight 98g/3.45oz
  • Fits seatposts 25.4-31.8mm

Item No. 3193005

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