Serfas Seca Wire Bead 26
Serfas Seca Wire Bead 26
Item # 3062350000
The Seca Wire Bead 26 is a high pressure road tire designed for a 26 wheel. With the intergrated Flat Protection System, you won't have to worry about a flat slowing you down.

The Seca Wire Bead 26 offers full road tire features for your mountain bike. Whether you've converted your mountain bike into a commuter, or have 2 sets of wheels for your mountain bike, the Seca Wire Bead 26 is a road tire designed for your 26 wheel.

  • Integrated Flat protection system provides superior puncture resistance
  • Ultimate training tire: long tread life, puncture resistant, superior road feel
  • 60 Durameter compound for enhanced durability
  • Weight: 295 Grams
  • Max Pressure 100 PSI

Item No. 3062350

Price $27.99