Blackburn Super Flea Rear Light
Blackburn Super Flea Rear Light
Item # 3133906000
USB Rechargeable Rear Light

Blackburn's compact, super bright, wide range taillight offers incredible brilliance with a fuel gauge button and longer run times than standard rear lights for everyday commuting convenience.

  • Super small at 1.8" tall and 36 grams
  • Highly visible at a broad angle from rear with collimating main lens and twin outrigger LEDs
  • Concave rear profile fits all seatposts securely
  • Magnetic USB Smart charger
  • Versatile strap mounting system fits all handlebars
  • Waterproof
  • LED fuel gauge indicator switch
  • 15 hour steady, 28 hour flashing run times

Item No. 3133906

Price Reg: $44.99
Sale: $33.74