Zero Trees 12 oz. Bowl Kit, 24 Compostable Bowls
Zero Trees 12 oz. Bowl Kit, 24 Compostable Bowls
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EarthSmart ZERO TREES 12 oz. Bowl Kit; 24 Tree Free heavy duty compostable Bagasse bowls for camping, boating, RV or home. Strong, durable, cut-resistant. ZERO TREES means no trees were used to manufacture this product.

New from EarthSmart. ZERO TREES 12 oz. Bowl Kit; 24 Tree Free compostable heavy duty bowls for camping, boating, hunting, fishing, RVs picnics and home use. Stylish flared rim design is perfect for cereal, salads, soups, chili and other items. Rugged yet lightweight bowls are microwavable and freezer safe, with water and oil resistance up to 212 degrees. EarthSmart high performance dinner bowls offer you an ideal TREE FREE, petroleum-free, eco-friendly alternative to products manufactured from wood, foam or plastic – in many cases providing superior performance. No wood or petroleum based resources are used in EarthSmart ZERO TREES products. Reinforcing our commitment to sustainability, EarthSmart dinner bowls are made of 100% Bagasse, an annually renewable sugarcane by-product. In addition, high-performance EarthSmart ZERO TREES products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, designed to comply with ASTM and other regulatory agency standards. At EarthSmart our passion for the environment is matched by our commitment to helping protect our waterways, forests and fields. Our new line of Recreation Products embodies both our passion and commitment. ALSO SEE COMPLETE MEAL KITS.

  • Tree Free toilet paper, compact travel pack
  • 2 ply, soft, strong, fragrance free
  • Fast dissolving, helps reduce clogs
  • Individual sheets equal 250 roll sheets
  • Carry Pouch fits backpack, vest or purse
  • Made of 100% sustainable resources

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