Berkley Gulp! Alive! Garlic Fltg 2 Pinch Crwler-FluorOrng
Berkley Gulp! Alive! Garlic Fltg 2 Pinch Crwler-FluorOrng
Item # 3074961000
Berkley Gulp! Alive! Garlic Infused Floating 2 Pinched Crawler - Fluorescent Orange

It looks alive and it feels alive. But most importantly, to the fish – it tastes alive! Berkley Gulp! Alive! is giving anglers an even more potent bait to catch their favorite species. Packaged in convenient, easy-to carry buckets that stack easily in boat storage bins, the bait actually floats in Gulp! juice, making the bait 20 percent more potent. Plus, they maintain their original shape and feel to deliver the ultimate action. Instead of throwing old baits away, simply drop it back into the bucket and allow the Gulp! juice to recharge the bait for later use. Long lasting and durable, these baits are eliminating the need for catching or buying expensive bait.

  • Lifelike imitation of a REAL nightcrawler pinched off at the sexband.
  • Supercharged in Gulp! Alive! attractant and now with garlic scent!
  • 'Recharge' bait by placing used the bait back in the powerful Gulp! Alive! attractant.
  • Biodegradeable with 400x's more scent dispersion.
  • Use a #6 egg hook or smaller for optimal flotation.

Item No. 3074961

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