Pautzke 8 Oz Borx O'Fire Natural Roe
Pautzke 8 Oz Borx O'Fire Natural Roe
Item # 3111088000
Pautzke'S Is Proud To Present Our New And Exciting Line Of Borx O'Fire Cure Natural Cured Roe. Crafted With The Same Professional Quality As Our Other Pautzke Bait Products,

Egg Roe Is Cured With Borx O'Fire. This Contains Some Of The Most Powerful Scent Attractants Available. By Using Borx O'Fire Which Is The Best Cure On The Market For Spawn Sacks,

  • Consistently Durable
  • Incredibly Milky
  • Patented Formula Of Sugars, Borx, Dyes, and Krill.

Item No. 3111088

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