Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust
Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust
Item # 3142473000
For the first time ever, fish with REAL Hatchery Pellets. What could work better?

Ever wish you could fish with a real life Trout Hatchery Pellet? For the first time ever, NOW YOU CAN!! Simply roll your favorite doughbait or nightcrawler into this specially formulated hatchery pellet micro powder and transform your bait into a real life hatchery pellet, the same food Trout have been raised on in hatcheries their entire lives before getting stocked into the lakes and rivers for you to catch. What could work better? In Dust, We Trust.

  • Supercharged Hatchery Pellet formula
  • Sticks to any Doughbait and Nightcrawler
  • Targets both stocked and native Trout
  • Blood bite Flavor Enhancers

Item No. 3142473

Price $10.49