Redington Minnow Youth 8' 5-weight Fly Fishing Outfit
Redington Minnow Youth 8' 5-weight Fly Fishing Outfit
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Designed to make fly fishing easy and fun for children ages 6-12. The medium-fast 8' rod is light enough to easily manage, the small grip is easy to control, and the slightly heavy line makes the rod easy to feel.

The Minnow Outfit is specifically designed to help your child learn to enjoy fly fishing. With a small diameter grip for easy control, a lighweight 8' length, and a 6-weight Rio MainStream line on a 5-weight rod for easy feel, this is a versatile, performance outfit that is ideally suited for trout and panfish applications. Other fun features include kid and parent friendly tips and techniques for casting instruction and target games.


  • Designed for youth ages 6-12 years old
  • Lightweight 8' 2-piece 5-weight fly rod with a small grip
  • Matching composite Crosswater reel is tough, reliable, and reversible.
  • Pre-loaded with backing, Rio MainStream 6-weight line, and tapered leader.
  • Rod Sock for storage
  • Packaging includes casting instruction book for games and cut-out casting targets.
  • One Year Warranty

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