Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft 130 - Bluegill
Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft 130 - Bluegill
Item # 3094355000
The Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft lures are popular with anglers everywhere and for every species in fresh and saltwater.

The Magic Swimmer does not have a lip like other hard baits and does not have a paddle tail to make it swim. It is the tapered nose and humpbacked head that creates the life-like swimming action whether cast or trolled. They just keep swimming with that magic action no matter what.

  • 4 sinking lure with realistic swijming action.
  • Includes hooks and Soft Weight System for fine tuning the action .
  • Can be rigged weedless, Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, and fished on a drop-shot rig.
  • Great for skipping under docks and trees.

Item No. 3094355

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