Rati Kwikfish K15 Fikle Pikle Fishing Lure
Rati Kwikfish K15 Fikle Pikle Fishing Lure
Item # 3130234000
Kwikfish Xtreme Designs Are Born As A Product Of The Latest Manufacturing Techniques. Featuring Finely Tuned Body Parts, The Lure Actions Are Precisely Controlled.

Kwikfish Xtremes Dive Deeper And Run True At A Wider Range Of Speeds Than Their Predecessors Could Ever Accomplish. Trolled Or Back-Trolled, Kwikfish Xtreme Models Offer Trout, Salmon, Steelhead And Walleye Anglers The Most Advanced Wide-Action Lure Ever Created.

  • Fixed Eyelets (Not Screw Eyes)
  • Loud Rattle Side-To-Side Body Construction Wide
  • Searching Action Designed Specifically For Salmon And Lake Trout Round Bend Treble Hooks

Item No. 3130234

Price $8.49