Tru Trurn Ez-On Coils Md 5 Pack
Tru Trurn Ez-On Coils Md 5 Pack
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Hitchhiker Snapon Coils Great For Rig Attachments Medium 5 Pack

Tru Turn Hitch Hicker Easy attachment of pork or plastic baits on all styles of hooks. HitchHikers make any offset hook work with swim-baits. Just screw into the nose of your favorite swim-bait and snap onto the hook at the first offset bend.

  • A recent innovation on the pro bass-fishing trail is the “Alabama Rig”, which is similar to what is called an “Yumbrella Rig” by saltwater anglers.
  • The Yumbrells Rig consists of five lures, plastic radiating from a central attachment point by wires, imitating a school of baitfish.
  • It looks very similar to a “mobile” that you might suspend above a baby’s crib hooks.
  • This rig is ideal for inland/freshwater fishing for bass, light saltwater and striper.

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