Tady 45 Blue Sardine Mirror Lg Cast Lure
Tady 45 Blue Sardine Mirror Lg Cast Lure
Item # 3172703000
The Tady 45 has been around a long, long time and is the definitive West Coast surface iron jig. For 2013 Tady introduced a new holographic finish that's beautiful and no doubt effective.

I've got to say out front that surface iron jigs tend to get eaten up by toothy critters and I've got no illusions that these trick finishes won't get just as scraped up as their painted jigs do, so who knows how long they'll look so great. There's no more respected surface jig on the market than the venerable Tady 45. I doubt you'll find any SoCal angler without a half dozen or more in their tackle box. There really aren't too many fish that won't eat a 45 when you get the speed dialed in. The 45 swims great in the hands of an experienced fisherman. There is some skill needed with a 45, you have to get the speed right to really make 'em swim well. Once you're dialed in, they do GREAT!

  • 2.9 ounces
  • 6.25 length

Item No. 3172703

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