Shakespeare Trout Tackle Box Kit
Shakespeare Trout Tackle Box Kit
Item # 3150459000
Complete assortment of Trout specific tackle and bait with a hard tackle box. Great starter kit for someone who already has a rod and reel.

The Shakespeare Trout Tackle Box Kit contains fishing essentials every trout angler needs to put more trout at the end of his line. Included are: a jar of Berkley’s Trout Dough; inline spinner baits; red & white bobbers; snap swivels, trout hooks; lead-free split shots; a 57 stringer; and a handy utility box to keep everything neatly organized and at the ready come trout season.

  • PowerBait® trout dough jar
  • Two - 2 inline spinner baits
  • Four - 1 red and white bobbers
  • Four - snap swivels, size #12
  • Ten - size #8 trout hooks
  • Eight - lead-free .5g split shots
  • One - green 57 stringer
  • One - utility box (Size: 11 x 5 x 1.5)

Item No. 3150459

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