Promar Vinyl Coated Steel Crab Pot
Promar Vinyl Coated Steel Crab Pot
Item # 3092658000
30" X 10" Steel Crab Pot

The Promar TR-530 vinyl coated steel crab pot is a main staple when it comes to Pacific Crabbing. This proven design is specialized for trapping Dungeness and Rock Crabs. The 3 entrance ramps are optimized with smaller mesh to make it easier for the crabs to enter the pot. Hinged gates prevent their escape. The 30" X 10" heavy duty steel frame is encased in a protective corrosion resistant stealthy blue vinyl coating. A hinged steel tending door allows easy access to baiting and tending to your catch. This pot comes with the mandated 4 1/4" escape rings required by Oregon, Washington, and California.

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Steel Frame
  • 3 Gated Tunnel Entrances
  • Smaller Mesh On Entrance Ramps
  • Internal Bait Box
  • Steel Hinged Tending Door
  • Two 4 1/4" Escape Rings (Required by CA, OR, WA)

Item No. 3092658

Price $79.99