Balance Trainer
Balance Trainer
Item # 1275550018
Functional training device for balance, core stability and proprioception

From the pro athlete to weekend warrior, BOSU® Balance Trainer helps to strengthen and coordinate your body. The BOSU® Balance Trainer targets the muscles around your ab and back area—helping you to not only gain strength, trim, and tone, but to help coordinate your entire body.

  • Bosu balance trainer allows the user to combine all the elements of fitness: cardiovascular, toning and flexibility, in unique and highly effective combinations.
  • Includes Bosu balance trainer, 30 minute instructional video, owner's manual and foot pump.
  • Total body workout video combines balance, cardiovascular, toning and stretching in dynamic and effective workouts.
  • Challenging and fun, Bosu gives a whole new meaning to "moving with control" as the user learns to workout on Bosu's ever changing surface.
  • 90 day limited warranty.

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